Mission Statement
CD102.5 for the Kids Charity was designed as an avenue for WWCD to be able to better utilize the power of our airwaves to support local charities that are committed to helping children and families in need throughout Central Ohio. CD102.5 is locally owned and operated with a strong philanthropic philosophy of giving back to the community by using the resources available to us while incorporating our staff, listeners and clients.

Currently, the main event supporting the CD102.5 for the Kids 501(c)(3) is our annual telethon. This is a 48-hour DJ marathon that will occur in December. We are proud to announce that this year, 2016, will be our 24th year. During the Thon we encourage our listeners to call the on air studio to request songs to be played for a donation and we have an eBay auction of items donated from our advertisers and record companies to be bid on. In 2015 we raised over $44,000 in pledges from the Thon. This money was then donated back to various charities which include but are not exclusively Childhood League, Children's Hospital, Family and Child Advocacy, Homeless families Foundation, HDSA, Ronald McDonald House, and the Andy Davis Memorial Fund.

All requests for funds must be made in writing to:
CD102.5 for the Kids
1036 S. Front Street
Columbus, OH 43206

Make a donation via PayPal:



In accordance with IRS regulations, all contributions to CD102.5 for the Kids in excess of the items received (i.e. auction items) are fully tax deductible. Our registered Federal Tax ID Number is 31-1711128. CD102.5 for the Kids is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.