Ranking Oasis

October 3rd, 2013



Time to rank another band's discography!  My personal favorite band in fact....OASIS!!  Give me your thoughts!  What's too high, what's too low?  Discuss!!

8.  Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants


When arguably the best song from the album is a B-side/bonus track ("Let's All Make Believe"), you've got a few problems.  Due to legal issues, and band members leaving, this album is mostly all Noel and Liam.  Liam contributes his worst song to the discography ("Little Jimmy"), and Noel decided to include for more electronic elements, resulting in a bit of a mess.  There's a few gems on here ("F**kin In The Bushes," "Go Let It Out" "Who Feels Love?" "Gas Panic"), but nothing else really comes close.   Add in Liam's hilarious/disasterous (depending on who you talk to) appearance on TRL that all but ended them on MTV, and you've got a mess.


7.  Dig Out Your Soul


I actually don't have a problem with this album.  There's some of my all time favorite songs on here.  "Waiting For The Rapture" might make my Top-10 list.  The acoustics are gone, with a bunch of straight ahead rockers ("Shock of The Lightning"=awesome).  Lots of orchestration.  But for some reason I've just never found myself never really going back to it.  It's their last statement (for now anyways), and certainly worth a listen.  Just not an essential to me.


6.  Heathen Chemistry


I have yet to understand the hate for this record critically.  Adding in Andy Bell and Gem Archer solidified the lineup (and would prove to add some excellent songs in the future), the instrumentation is fantastic.  Liam contributes his two best songs to the Oasis catalog in "Born On a Different Cloud" and "Songbird."  "Little By Little" is arguably Noel's second best vocal in the catalog.  Add in the epic "Stop Crying Your Heart Out" and you've got a winner.


5.  Be Here Now


Personally I find this the most fun Oasis album to listen too.  There's a lot of issues with this album.  Noel to this day refers as their "cocaine" album.  It features the longest songs in the catalog ("All Around the World" clocking in over 9 minutes, going on for about 50 "Hey Judes" too many), but for all its faults, its a blast.  There's so much pretention thrown around, that none of it can be taken seriously.  "D'Ya Know What I Mean?" beats "Champagne Supernova" on the epic list.  "My Big Mouth" and "Be Here Now" demand to be cranked to 11.  "Don't Go Away" and "Stand By Me" are instant classics.  And all ending with the bats**t crazy "It's Getting Better (Man)!!"  Just roll down the windows and crank this album up.


4.  (What's The Story) Morning Glory


Don't hurt me Oasis fans.  Yes I have it at 4.  It's a BRILLIANT album, and one of the greatest of the 90s, with most of my favorite "deep cuts."  "Some Might Say" stands as my favorite Oasis track to this day, and I'll take "Cast No Shadow," "Morning Glory," and "She's Electric" over almost any band's top single.  And of course the three monsters of the album.  You can't go wrong putting higher on the list.  However it's a missed opportunity solely due to the songs NOT on the album.  We'll get to those in a second......


3.  The Masterplan


Some might call this unfair to even include, because it's a "B-Sides" release.  But the fact of the matter is, from 94-97 Noel Gallagher's B-Sides were better than almost every other band's A-Sides.  I've often said if they had released this as a "finished" album instead of "Be Here Now," they easily could have retained their status world wide.  "Acquiesce" stands as the greatest Oasis track to never be a single.  "Talk Tonight" "The Masterplan" "Fade Away," "Half The World Away," "(It's Good) To Be Free" and "Stay Young" to this day remain some of the biggest fan favorites.  Throw in an awesome cover of "I Am The Walrus" and you have a brilliant record.


2.  Don't Believe The Truth


Oasis's "comeback record."  It even sold fairly well in the states (best Billboard position since Be Here Now), this could easily be the best flowing record Oasis put together.  With the addition of Zak Starkey on drums, this is easily the most cohesive lineup of the band, with the 4 core members each contributing great tracks (Andy Bell's "Turn Up the Sun" stands along any of Noel's songs).  It maintains the feel of a dirty garage rock record throughout (particularly "Mucky Fingers" and Liam's "Meaning of Soul") while still adding the trademark Oasis sound throughout (Bell's "Keep The Dream Alive" and the closer "Let There Be Love").  I'll argue to this day that "The Importance Of Being Idle" is the definitive Noel vocal in the catalog.  Do believe the truth of this album.


1.  Definitley Maybe.


Sorry GnR.  This is the greatest debut of all time.  There isn't a single bad track on this record (yes, I even enjoy "Digsy's Diner" if only for the fact it doesn't take itself seriously).  "Supersonic," "Rock 'N Roll Star" "Live Forever," and "Cigarettes & Alcohol" claim the headlines, but the deep cuts hold up their end.  "Slide Away" still stands as my favorite Liam vocal.  "Columbia" adds in a much needed psychedelic break, and the fan favorite "Shakermaker" keep the momentum going.  Acoustic closer "Married With Children" is the perfect coda to an hour of rock, and one of the best records ever made.