374 Days

May 21st, 2019

365 days.  Well, to be more accurate 374 days because hi my name is Bailey and of course I am behind on my posting deadline.   374 days ago I had my very first air shift here at CD102.5.  I was terrified.     Back in January of last year, I emailed Mase on a whim in hopes of being considered for just an internship ...

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Proud of My Trash

May 5th, 2019

Well hello, friends!   It's been a whole minute since I've posted here...ok maybe two minutes...life is hard, man...   Now when I was trying to figure out what to post, as if by some devine intervention, it came to me in my sleep at 2am.  I jolted up from my bed, grabbed my phone, went to my Spotify, and thought to myself "I'm go...

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December 30th, 2018

FINALLY I've gotten around to posting this.  Yes, I know it's down to the wire but it's not 2019 yet so I'm still in the clear.  Now I know the other DJs posted their favorite albums of 2018.  As for me, I'm doing my year wrap up a little differently.  Since I have been able to drive, every year I make a playlist to end the year...

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Stealing Mase’s Job

August 20th, 2018

Mase, I'm sorry but I'm stealing your job.   Well, just for this blog post...   As you all know, Mase hosts the Five Spot weekdays at 5pm where he features the five most requested songs of the day.  So I have taken the liberty to take over the Five Spot via blog post.  However, I'm putting a little twist on it by f...

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Everyone with a Broken Heart Ends Up at a Brian Fallon Concert

August 16th, 2018

The first time I listened to Brian Fallon I had a few drinks while sitting on my balcony, spinning the "Painkillers" record on my dad's old 1960-ish "portable" GE turntable.  At the time I was in the middle of a complicated, messy break up with a guy I fell in love with far too quickly.  As I listened to each track, I was not even kinda p...

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