Trending Topics 6/18. Heaven Is A Place Where Nothing Happens

June 18th, 2018

This is the closest I've ever heard of a near death experience describing the song "Heaven" by Talking Heads.      If you're going to run the old shoplift and return scam at least be the best at it.    A British airport will no longer let you sleep in your chair while you wait for your flight. Why? F%$k you...

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Trending Topics: 6/15. How High Were They?

June 15th, 2018

Man uses lawmower to pelt family with rocks.   Semi flips over, covers interstate in Fireball.    Company invents vibrating panties for "World Cup widows."    Flying Porta Potties.    There guys were so high they broke into a house, baked a cake, and covered it with jam because the...

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Trending Topics: 6/14... IQ's Have Been Dropping For Decades. In Other News Woman Gets Head Stuck In Tailpipe

June 14th, 2018

Doing this every day I can get behind this study of falling IQ scores.    Woman gets head stuck in tailpipe.   Parents really don't want to sign kid out of school.    Man attempts to shoot raccoon down off telephone pole. Shoots self in leg instead.    Hey everyone! What's for dinner? ...

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Trending Topics 6/13. Barkeep! A Shot Of Raccoon Discharge Whiskey If You Please!

June 13th, 2018

World record orgy attempt falls flacid.    Decorated Marine leaves behind message for Virginia motorists. A middle finger from the great beyond if you will.    You know what I wish was in my whiskey? Raccoon squeezins that's what.    Turns out a composite sketch of God does not resemble an agi...

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Trending Topics 6-12. How Do You Know You Are Too Hammered? Uber Turns You Away.

June 12th, 2018

59 year old man attempts to kidnap teenaged Mennonite girl because he's in love with her. Is caught because he dropped a love/sorry for kidnapping you note in her mailbox.    Some asshole has been leaving cinder blocks on I-8 in California.    He would have gotten away with it were it not for the phone he drop...

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