AUDIO - Interview with Ethan Finlay, member of the USA Team and the Columbus Crew SC

March 25th, 2016

Ethan Finlay, member of the USA Team and the Columbus Crew SC shared an interview with me all the way from Guatemala before the big game. We talked about his thoughts and feelings about playing in Guatemala, his ritual of a game-day shave, and Tuesday's game.   

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AUDIO - Jane D'Angelo of OhioDance Interview

March 23rd, 2016

Executive Director Jane D'Angelo of OhioDance came in to the studio today. We talked about the upcoming Spring Festival and Conference. The event will take place April 22-24. OhioDance will partner with BalletMet, and guest artist Teena Marie Custer will be featured. 

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Audio- Tyler Hoechlin, Blake Jenner, and Will Brittain from Everybody Wants Some

March 22nd, 2016

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Audio- Hilda Doyle from Ladies Of Longford

March 16th, 2016

  Hilda Doyle dropped by the show on St. Patty's eve to talk up the 15th anniversary of her group Ladies Of Longford and their full day of performances on the 17th. 

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Audio- Crew SC Midfielder Wil Trapp

March 11th, 2016

The pride of Gahanna Wil Trapp joined the show March 11th. We talked about the home opener, and the time he helped cover a high school teamate's car with peanut butter and jelly.  

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