Chomping A Cigar, Handicapping The 2014 Rock Hall Nominees

October 16th, 2013

In England and Ireland you'll find a betting shop on every corner it seems. In my travels to Dublin I've noted with amusement the name of one of those outlets: "Ladbrokes."

Lad broke indeed. They'll bet on about anything in the old country. Soccer, Rugby, Tennis, elections, X Factor winners.... Surely you could wager on the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Field if you wished. To that end let's handicap the field! Bear in mind that only five of the field of 15 get in.

1:1 Nirvana

There's no way this doesn't happen. The Hall needs rock stars. They also know they can get Paul McCartney to perform with Dave, Krist, and Pat. What I'll be fascinated to see is which early members show up. Chad Channing? How about Mudhoney's Danny Peters? Jason Everman? After Everman quit music he became an Army Ranger. Fascinating story.

Prop bet: Courtney Love is invited to sit on the floor. 25:1.

3:2 Peter Gabriel

Already in the hall as a member of Genesis, Gabriel stands an excellent chance of being inducted for his solo career. If you're under the age of 40 you may not be aware, but Gabriel enjoyed an impressive string of critically acclaimed albums and tours from 1977 to the early 90s.

This was always a show stopper back in the day.

3:1 The Replacements

I have to admit, even as an uber fan of the Mats I would not have given this much of a chance a year ago. Their critically lauded Riot Fest shows this fall though have increased the odds tremendously. Look at them as you would The Ramones. Their influence and high quality may well outweigh the fact that they didn't really sell a ton of records. Then again they weren't nice to Tom Petty when they toured together in 1989. That could be a factor weighing against.

Prop bet: Original drummer Chris Mars shows up: 50:1

3:1 Linda Ronstadt

I was never much of a fan, but there's no denying she was a hell of a singer. Increasing her odds I'm afraid is the fact that Ronstadt recently announced her retirement as her Parkinson's disease worsens. I have no problem with the Hall paying tribute while she can hopefully enjoy the honor. I always dug her turn in the brilliant Chuck Berry documentary "Hail Hail Rock N Roll:"

4:1 Hall and Oates

A gut call here. The Live At Daryl's House show has certainly resurrected Daryl Hall's reputation artistically. Modern artists name checking Hall & Oates help their cause too. There was a time when they were seen as light weights, but that time seems to have largely passed.

5:1 Kiss. 8:1 Yes. 10:1 Deep Purple

Hall Voters don't care much for metal or prog rock. Rush got in last year though so perhaps things are changing a bit.

Also nominated:

Chic (Rejected more than any other I believe)

The Zombies

LL Cool J

Cat Stevens

The Meters (They should have been inducted a long time ago)

Link Wray (all guitar players owe him a huge debt)

Paul Butterfield Blues Band (Perhaps the most forgotten of the field)