Anything But Loveless For Lydia

February 18th, 2014

Perhaps owing to our Columbus, Ohio sense of inferiority (Which is silly. I grant you permission to feel good about yourself C-Bus.) we seem genuinely shocked when the national media might say something nice. It's even better when they gush about someone we might see tossing back a beer across the bar, or better yet, performing in said bar. So it is with Lydia Loveless. Her new album is out today (it's excellent, but you knew that) and the press she's been getting is truly something to see. Some examples:

There's CMT

Rolling Stone.


Rolling Stone Again.








Spin Again.

You get the idea. It won't be long before she turns up on Fallon or Letterman or some such. That'll be something. Can't wait! In the meantime her record release show is at the Rumba March 1.