Bonnaroo Sunday Morning: I Took A Shower!

June 15th, 2014

At Bonnaroo taking a shower can be perceived as a sign of weakness. We are to revel in our own filth, and there is a certain solidarity to be found in universal stench. That said... I am weak. I took a shower this morning and I liked it! And now to matters at hand.

Jack White Is A Rock Star

I know many are bothered by the concept of rock stars existing in our modern age, but I submit that we still need them. That's a big stage with lots of people watching. Only a rock star can meet that challenge. See for yourself:

His drummer is also a bad ass, and I believe White's dating the violin player. She walked on stage smoking a cigarette. He strikes me as a stern boss and yet she was comfortable enough to come on stage with a Camel hanging out of her mouth. Just a theory.

Damon Albarn Is An Entertainer

I mean it as a compliment. Damon Albarn transcends the designation "rock star" into a more rarified realm. The seamless way he wove together so many disparate styles yesterday afternoon was highly impressive, and more often than not down right moving. He was in charge of his band without question, but he's a very giving collaborator. The audience wasn't entirely versed in his broad catalog, but I suspect more than a few will dive in when they get home.

However everyone knew this one:

Nick Cave Is A Shaman

Nick Cave goes into another world on the stage there is no question. Rachael and I were front and center and even helped hold him up on more than one occasion. I swear to God he looked down on me about half way through the show and gestured for me to move it on down the line. I don't blame him as I'm sure I had a dopey look on my face. I was killing the vibe. I didn't go far however. I'll be honest, I didn't shoot a ton of video because I got the distinct impression he would have kicked me in the face. I've never been to a show like that one and probably never will again. I kept shaking my head because I didn't believe it was real.

Rachael and I wrap up our Bonnaroo broadcast this evening at 5. We also have interviews scheduled with The Griswolds, Cayucas, and Broken Bells. And now it's time to break a good sweat at Lucero!