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July 17th, 2017

HAPPY MONDAY COLUMBUS!!! It's nice and early but we're ready to rock here at CD1025 for another morning of weird wacky and wild trending topics for you!!!! Let's get started!!!!

Man, 19, with 'DEVAST8' face tattoo reveals he's turned down FORTY-FIVE job offers after his desperate plea for work went viral 

A teenage father with 'DEVAST8' tattooed across his face is 'waiting for the right job offer' after his desperate plea for work went viral - and he has revealed he will be getting the jailhouse ink lasered off. Mark Cropp, a 19-year-old from New Zealand nicknamed "DEVAST8" after a string of armed robberies, is fresh out of prison and in need of a job. With prospects originally looking grim due to his saturated rap sheet and plethora of face ink, he to social media on Wednesday afternoon to beg someone to look past his criminal convictions and heavily-tattooed face and give him a chance at work. Since his plea went viral, Cropp has so far received FORTY-FIVE job offers, but hasn't accepted any yet as he's waiting for the "right job" to come along. The former criminal revealed he will be getting the artwork - designed by his brother and former cell mate after a night of drinking home brew in jail - removed as soon as possible. It was meant to be a 'little one along the jawline,' but the pair got carried away after drinking home brew made from fermented apples, sugar and bread.  The tattoo was drawn with a homemade gun which used a needle made from the spring of a pen and powered by a cassette player. Plastic knives and forks are burnt to a black plastic powder and mixed with toothpaste and water to create the ink.

Police:'Sovereign citizen' tried to fight police

In the Electric City of beautiful Scranton, PA, a man who is a self proclaimed "Soverign Citizen" of the U.S. s charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and drug offenses after an incident this past week. Officers stopped the 36-year-old's vehicle Thursday after noticing the registration was expired, police said. Markert became disorderly and refused to give police his name because he was a “citizen of the United States” and no law required him to tell police who he was, according to court documents. Sovereign citizens are a loose subculture of people who hold complex, anti-government beliefs. Many feel certain laws don’t apply to them, including paying taxes and traffic laws requiring driver’s licenses, license plates and vehicle registrations, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Officers eventually identified Markert when his ex-wife arrived to get their children, who were in the vehicle. Officers issued citations to Markert, who unsuccessfully tried to rip them up and, upon failing, threw them in the trash, according to court documents. He then told a city police officer to take off his badge and fight, police said. Police arrested Markert when he chased after a police vehicle on foot and continued to act aggressively toward officers, police said. Additionally, cops found a vial of amphetamine salts, a controlled substance in his car. He's free right now on a $20,000 bail. 

Canada: Workers find live British shell in Quebec

In Quebec City, some builders have just discovered a LIVE british cannon shell dating back to a British seige in the city in 1759 from the Seven Years War. Workers even posed with pictures of the 200 lb projectile they found, unaware that it was still active and could explode at any given time. Army bomb disposal experts later collected the device, saying there was still a danger, CBC reports. Quebec City archaeologist Serge Rouleau, who examined the munition before the army and noticed that it still contained a charge, described it as an incendiary bomb. "The ball would break and the powder would ignite, setting fire to the building," Master Warrant Officer Sylvain Trudel, a senior munitions technician, was quoted by CBC as saying. "With time, humidity got into its interior and reduced its potential for exploding, but there's still a danger," he added. "Old munitions like this are hard to predict. You never know to what point the chemicals inside have degraded." The shell is now at a safe site, and will be destroyed or disarmed if necessary. 

12-year-old Mainer becomes local tuna fishing legend

12-year-old Myles Wotton has grew up around tuna fishing on the east coast his entire life. However, no one expected that on the kid's 12th birthday when he went out with dad on a tuna fishing trip that his first bounty in his life would be this massive, 388-pound fish. Only days and weeks after, he's caught several other big kahuna tuna around the coast of Maine. The most intense, quite honestly legendary story already, happened when catching a 381-pound tuna at 4AM after a 5 hour battle with the fish. At 11 p.m. Sunday, father and son were ready to call it a night and bunk down 25 miles offshore. “We don’t usually fish at night,” Donald said. As they were getting ready to turn in, they got a strike on their herring bait.“It zipped the line out and I got on it,” Myles said. “It took a lot of line out.” Myles worked the pole, loaded with 200-pound test line, for five hours. “It was wild. It did not want to give up,” His dad said. “We fought it all night. Myles was cranking for all he was worth.” After they finally got the fish close to the boat, Donald harpooned it and started to help Myles haul it in. Myles had to harpoon the tuna too to get the beast aboard. “It dragged us about 4 miles,” Wotton's Father said. “I was worried I’d lose it. I just wanted to get it up after losing the first one,” Myles said. Myles said his only break during the five-hour ordeal was when the fish made a run. “It cooked the pole. It overheated or something,” Myles said. The determined 12-year-old kept up the battle despite tired hands, arms, and shoulders. “It wore out the drag, he fought the fish so hard,” His dad said of his 25-year-old reel. “We put the strike on 40-pound pressure. He fought so long. I don’t know if it wore out the washers or what. We had to put it on full (drag) in order to pull it in.” His Father said in the 1990s there was good money in tuna fishing, but not anymore. Most of the tuna caught in Maine is shipped to Japan, where it is auctioned off.

A Heated Star Wars vs Star Trek debate ended one man in Jail

In an incident which might be one of the nerdiest disputes of all time, a man is in jail after assaulting and choking his roommate over a heated debate on which sci-fi series was superior. According to an Oklahoma City Police Department report, the cinematic dispute resulted in the arrest of Jerome Dewayne Whyte, 23, for the assault of Burke Bradley Warren, 19. During the “Star Wars”/”Star Trek” argument, Warren “became so frustrated” with Whyte that he left the pair’s shared living area and went to his room. As he departed, Warren told Whyte, “You’re just a trick.” That comment prompted Whyte to follow Warren into his room, where Whyte allegedly twice shoved his roommate to the floor and then sought to “choke out the victim,” police reported. While being strangled, Warren “went in and out of consciousness.” In both of those cases, Whyte failed to pay fines and restitution ordered at the time of his sentencing. It is unknown which film Whyte, seen in the above mug shot, believed to be superior. Whyte is currently locked up in the Oklahoma County jail.

Obsessive woman jailed after chasing police car that was helping boyfriend escape her

An obsessive woman has been jailed following a car chase with police – who were trying to help her boyfriend escape her clutches. The Girlfriend allegedly called the cops on her boyfriend after accusing him of assaulting her. After the man was in custody, she called the police station to admit that she made up the claim. However, the man then told police he worried for his saftey with her, and wanted to end the relationship. Eventually, after coming back home, Cops helped him escape, but not before the girlfriend could give chase to the police car. It eventually reached a violent ending as the woman collided with a police cruiser at the police station. From this incident, she was jailed for 10 months and faces an 18 month driving ban. According to police, "There has been an enormous love, hate relationship between them for a long period of time. I am told they are living apart but are still very close friends." The couple have now made up and the boyfriend plans to visit hos lover behind bars. 

An ambulance company claims its rival slashed brake lines and shot out windows, lawsuit says

A feud between two companies that provide emergency vehicles for cities near Houston escalated to dangerous levels, one side claims in an explosive lawsuit filed Wednesday. The plaintiff, Republic EMS, is suing City Ambulance for damages exceeding $200,000, according to Harris County, Texas, court records. In Republic’s initial filing, the company alleges that City Ambulance and its president, Mohammad Massoud, vandalized Republic’s fleet of ambulances nearly a dozen times over the course of several months. According to KTRK, Republic EMS says in its lawsuit that it has recently won over clients from City Ambulance, leading to the company taking steps to retaliate. Specifically, Republic alleges that City Ambulance hired someone to shoot out the windows and a Republic ambulance with a firearm in May 2016. Several months later, the company says, nine of its vehicles were vandalized “at a variety of locations in Texas.” It is unclear from court records what form this alleged vandalization took. He also said the accusations were the result of former employees trying to damage City Ambulance’s reputation. “It's very cutthroat. It's something like Al Capone and his crew would do,” Pelton said. “This is a revenge-type deal and they're using the courts seeking revenge. That's not the way you're supposed to do things.” According to the Houston Press, City Ambulance is already fighting two lawsuits related to a February incident in which a City Ambulance driver crashed while transporting a patient to the hospital. The patient later died, and the paramedic with him in the back claims to have suffered a collapsed lung and broken wrist and arm. According to the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, “ambulance wars,” or competition between private and public emergency medical service providers were especially heated in the 1990s, as private companies providing ambulances spread and grew nationally, especially in cities.

Porn site is holding another prop sale at the Armory this weekend

In need of stocking up on some.... "intimate supplies?" Youre in luck! Porn site is having a huge prop sale from their studios in San Francisco. "There's new stuff, and some of the items that were available before are still there like coffins and a massage table," says spokesperson Mike Stabile. "We went through our wardrobe department this time and so there are a lot of costumes." Items include a piston-based sex machine that can be outfitted with a dildo and other accoutrements sold, and a mattress outfitted with chains. After purchasing the Armory for $14.5 million in late 2006, ran a porn-film studio for 10 years, as reported previously on SFGATE. Earlier this year, the company adjusted its business model, moving operations for the online site and film productions to Las Vegas and turning the Armory into an event space and corporate offices. Now, in a series of sales, the company is selling off the vestiges of its San Francisco productions. Interested shoppers can drop by the sale at the Armory on Saturday and Sunday between noon and 4 p.m.

Man shows up at Lakewood, CO emergency room hauling trash bag full of pot

Though Marijuana is legal in Colorado for adults 21 and over, it's still probably not a good idea to bring a trash bag filled with 1.8 POUNDS of pot to an emergency room. A man seeking medical help at the Belmar ER in Lakewood Wednesday brought along a trash bag filled with marijuana. Police seized 1.8 pounds of pot and criminal charges will likely be filed in the near future, said Officer Rob Albrets, a police spokesman. Police did not release the suspect’s name Wednesday night. An investigation into the incident is ongoing.

$1 million in marijuana found in brand new Ford Fusions

This next story is an Ideal story for these trending topics blogs. It does not only encompass the gem of being a "local news" story to show how weird and wacky Ohio is, but it also is a perfect segue from our last topic of Marijuana! Wow! This is nice!!! Authorities are looking into how marijuana worth $1 million was hidden in the trunks of brand new, Mexican-made Ford Fusions at a dealership in Ohio, according to Silverio Balzano, agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration's Youngstown office. The cars were manufactured at the Ford plant in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, and were shipped by rail into a CSX yard in Lordstown, Ohio, Balzano said. Now, investigators are trying to discover where along the supply line the marijuana was packed into the cars—and who failed to retrieve it." Clearly, something went wrong," Balzano said. "Generally speaking, they could take it off anywhere else along the way." A dealership in Youngstown gradually discovered the marijuana between July 7 and July 11, Balzano said, packed in the shape of half-moons and placed into the wheel wells for the vehicles' spare tires. Each of the wheels weighed approximately 14.5 kilos, or nearly 32 pounds. In total, marijuana was found in 15 cars in four counties in Ohio, Balzano said, and a couple even surfaced in Pennsylvania.

Plane forced to land after passenger ‘passes gas’ during flight

This Sunday afternoon, an American Airlines flight was forced to land after a passenger allegedly "passed gas", causing many passengers discomfort and nausea during their flight.  The incident happened when passengers on the flight became ill with nausea and headaches, according to a spokesperson with Raleigh-Durham International Airport. The flight, which was not identified by RDU officials, landed at the airport around 4 p.m. when the incident was reported. All the passengers were taken off the plane and after the incident was investigated it was determined that a passenger “passed gas,” the official said. Authorities later said that the incident was a “medical call” and directed all questions to Wake County EMS. RDU officials did not identify where the plane was from or its destination or what type of aircraft was involved. American Airlines officials Sunday night said that a plane had an odor issue but denied it was because of “passed gas.” Ross Feinstein, a spokesman for the airline, released a statement that said in part: “We did have an aircraft from Charlotte to RDU this afternoon, that landed at 2:19 p.m. ET, and arrived the gate at 2:21 p.m. ET, that is currently out of service for an actual mechanical issue – and odor in the cabin. But It is not due to “passed gas” as mentioned.”