Trending Topics 8/9- Game of Thröns, Bumbling Burglars, Wing Joint Freakouts and MORE!

August 9th, 2017

HAPPY WEDNESDAY COLUMBUS!!! Hope you're enjoying the nice n sunny weather today!! If you haven't done so yet, check out our Diamond in the Rough pick of the week from Sylvan Esso! This song's called "Die Young", and it's honestly Intern Matt's favorite song by them off their new record! But don't take my word for it, take a listen below and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Disney to offer two streaming services and end its movie distribution agreement with Netflix

Only a year and a half after Disney's exclusive deal with Netflix took effect, they're leaving the streaming service by 2019 to start up TWO of their own streaming services. One of these would feature all of their movies / shows / other properties, while the other would focus on ESPN content. The stand-alone subscription services would appeal to younger audiences who are turning away from traditional media and flocking to Netflix and other digital platforms. The ESPNservice, which would be available next year, is expected to feature 10,000 sporting events annually, among them Major League Baseball games.  The company said Tuesday that it would end its distribution agreement with Netflix for new films, beginning with the 2019 calendar year theatrical slate. Instead, viewers would have to go to the Disney service to stream those movies. Shows currently produced by Disney’s Marvel Studios such as “Jessica Jones” would still be available on Netflix. “This is a declaration of independence by Disney, and now you have a direct competition between these two behemoth players,” said Peter Csathy, founder of the advisory firm Creatv Media. “Netflix has a huge head start, but Disney thinks it can win. And Disney can feature the most valuable content library in the world. Disney chose to fight. The hit on Netflix is real.”Some analysts have speculated that it would make sense for Disney to purchase Netflix to inoculate itself from audiences’ shift to streaming video. Now Netflix finds itself more directly competing with the $167-billion titan.

Game of Thrones capes are made out of IKEA rugs

Though the HBO show has a humongous budget, sometimes the simple, Swedish touch can make an entire outfit. During a presentation at the Getty Museum, costume designer Michelle Clapton showed some of the hidden tricks the wardrobe team has to create the fantasy world, and one of othese tricks include some furry IKEA rugs.  For the night watch's capes, Clapton said these are fashioned out of rugs from IKEA, saying "We take anything we can; we cut and we shave them and then we added strong leather straps." The AV Club did a search of the IKEA site to see how you can steal the look, and it would end up costing you close to $200 by buying the Koldby "cowhide art" rug .

Accused burglar doesn't flush toilet, leaves DNA for police

These next few stories capture some botched burglaries that happened around our great country this week. This first one....... was especially crappy. A Southern California man left direct evidence of his identity during a burglary when he took a dump and forgot to flush a toilet during the heist. The suspect "did his business and didn't flush it" during the October break-in in the city of Thousand Oaks, said Detective Tim Lohman of the Ventura County Sheriff's Office. Though he remained at large for close to a year, authorities finally made his arrest this past week, thanks largely in part to the prime DNA sample they had available to identify the perpetrator. Lohman said it's the first DNA burglary match case he knows of with fecal evidence collected from a toilet.

East Alton man charged with robbery after attempting to report one

In what would seem to be the perfect diversion, a man in Illinois to distract cops by reporting a robbery only an hour after he himself committed a robbery backfired when he was arrested for that same robbery. He would've had a slightly larger chance to get away with it if someone else didn't beat him to the punch and called 911 to report his robbery and his description to police onmy minutes after the incident. An hour later when he went to the police station to report the robbery himself, cops saw he fit the description and arrested him. Joshua L.T. Franklin, 19, of the 100 block of South Pence, East Alton, was charged Monday with armed robbery, a Class X felony. He was arrested by Wood River police and is currently being held in Madison County Jail on $125,000 bond. Franklin was transported to the jail Monday.

Couple conspires to rob adult store then she fingers him as suspect, warrant says

A couple in Georgia have been arrested after their attempt to rob the X-Mart adult store in which wife Whitney Taylor  Frost worked at. Frost originally framed the robbery on her hubby Russel Scott Frost for the armed robbery, but was brought down with him as well. He allegedly had a knife as he demanded money from the cash register. The robbery was caught on surveillance cameras and the wife identified her husband as the culprit, the warrant stated. Another employee was in the store at the time, but did not know about the set up.

AZGFD takes possession of newborn fawn “kidnapped” from wild

This is quite a wild robbery that happened out in Arizona this past week. A Man there tried to just straight up take a Three day old baby fawn out of the woods as what would be like a hunting prize or something. He even went to a local bar to show off his new prize, but that didn't last long as the Arizona Game and Fishing Department took it back. “This truly is an unfortunate situation for this deer fawn. Instead of living a life in the wild, it must now remain in captivity due to the irresponsible actions of one person,” said Mike Demlong, AZGFD Wildlife Education program manager. “The fawn is healthy, but requires feeding every three to four hours, which is time consuming and costly in the long run. The Department will keep the fawn for a few days to ensure it is healthy and feeding well, then it will be transferred to wildlife sanctuary in Arizona.”

“Inexcusable:” Man, woman in custody, allegedly caught on camera having sex at State Fair

I'm very glad that this didn't happen here at the Ohio State fair this past week! At Wisconsin's state fair, a couple was caught on camera having sex inside the coliseum on the grounds of their state fair this past week. If you're for whatever reason morbidly curious into catching visual of the action, a local Wisconsin area Fox station has a highly censored version of the video / pictures that went viral online and have since been taken down. Both suspects have been taken into custody, and a full investigation is underway. In a statement, a Wisconsin State Fair spokeswoman told FOX6 News they became aware of the "appalling viral video," and said "this incident is inexcusable, and therefore, a thorough investigation was conducted, and the video was removed."

Naked Man Causes $10,000 in Damages to Chicken Wing Restaurant

In other public indecency news, a man in Pasadena is in custody after he went on a naked rampage through a wing joint after getting into an argument with an employee there. Tony, the manager at Juicy Wingz, told CBS Los Angeles that suspect Daniel Pimentel had been asked to leave the restaurant the day before. And, after thinking about it for a full day, the 20-year-old allegedly returned to Juicy Wingz and confronted Tony before losing every bit of his shit – and all of his clothing. "At that point, this Daniel guy just went crazy," Tony told the station. "Started taking off his clothes and got all naked." An already shirtless Pimentel grabbed a sign post and used it to threaten Tony (who declined to give CBS his full name) before climbing on top of a room divider where he paused briefly to sing. He then pulled a chunk of crown molding off the wall, yanked the security camera out of the ceiling and removed his own pants. He threw a stack of cardboard boxes, punched several holes in the ceiling, broke a granite countertop and smashed a tablet computer. The total damages were estimated at $10,000. After all this he stormed out of the restaurant, still naked, and hit a woman with a piece of the crown molding he broke off of the restaurant. Later, he had the gall to return to the restaurant (clothed this time), where he was promptly arrested. He was arrested on suspicion of felony vandalism and assault with a deadly weapon. He was taken to a local hospital for mental health evaluation before being transported to the Pasadena jail where he is being held on $30,000 bond.

6 Women Join Forces to Get Even With Dude Who Scheduled Individual Dates With All of Them in a Single Night

To close out our Trending Topics for today, we bring you a story that is straight out of an episode of your favorite sitcom that's probably in syndication on TBS or something. In DC this week, a woman chronicled her entire very strange date with what originally seemed like a normal man she met at a bar the week before when she was out for her 26th birthday. When Lisette Pylant met Justin at the bar — where Pylant’s friend Kyle is a bartender — he told her he had friends meeting him there at 6:15. That was fine; Pylant told Select All that things weren’t going great, exactly. “I wouldn’t say he was much of a feminist,” she said. He was also carrying a sparkly blue cane. “He told us he jumped down a flight of stairs ‘sober’ in, like, Atlantic City,” Pylant said. “He said to me [about the cane] ‘you know $23 at CVS and you can call yourself a pimp.’” And then, at 6:15, Justin’s second date showed up. Those “friends” he was meeting, as it turned out, were actually a second date Justin had scheduled. Once she got wise to Justin’s moves, Pylant did two things. First, she decided to make sure the other date knew what was up. And second, she started tweeting a now-viral thread of updates. Justin left to take a phone call when Pylant let the second date know what was happening. “I said ‘Are you here on a date with him? Because I’m here on a date with him. We should probably just go get a drink together and leave this dude here.’” The two women decided to grab another round at the bar across the street, ANXO Cidery, when date number three — the person Justin had been talking with on the phone — arrived. Justin headed to the bathroom and the two women looped her in, too. “I think he was panicking a little,” Pylant said. “At this point we’ve formed like a coalition,” she said. “We’re making fun of him and he’s trying to play it off like he didn’t triple-book himself, or really sextuple, book himself.” The three women headed to the second bar. Meanwhile, two of Pylant’s friends, whom she had originally called to rescue her from her bad date, camped out at the first bar to see if Justin had any more women on his dance card for the evening. “They were half kidding,” Pylant said. “But then they texted me ‘dude, he’s here with a fourth girl!’” One of the friends in the first bar headed across the street, where he happened to cross paths with … date number five, Alexandra Woody. (A different friend of Pylant’s informed number four after her date ended and sent her over.) Pylant’s friend convinced Woody to talk to the other dates before meeting Justin. “So now me, two, three, and five are all sitting there,” Pylant said.  I waited for number four to stand up and I said ‘hi, I’m number five’ and he goes ‘oh no, you have been cut’ and made the hand motion,” Woody, date five, told Select All via Twitter DM. “I felt like I was on the MTV show Next … He said ‘I never lied to any of you’ which was a lie because he told me he was at a friend’s house while he was actually on a date [number four].” After date five, Pylant ran into Justin on the street while she was making a phone call. “Look, I don’t want you think I’m an asshole,” he told her. “You’re the only one I wanted to get to know. You seem really great. I don’t want you to hate me.” Pylant said she wasn’t having any of it and asked him when date number six would be arriving. Justin told her she’d be arriving at 8. “I was kidding,” Pylant said. “I didn’t seriously think he’d have a sixth date.” By around 10, Woody and the other dates had gone home. (This all went down on a casual Monday evening, mind you.) Pylant and her friends headed back to the Truxton Inn to catch up with Kyle, who had been bartending this whole time. Which is where they met Jessica, a.k.a. date number six. And also Jessica’s mom and aunt, who happened to pop by, too. Justin, possibly finally sensing defeat, went home. “There wasn’t a seventh or eight date,” Pylant told Select All. “At least not that we know of. Maybe he’ll feel bad when he wakes up and realizes this is all over the internet.” And it is all over the internet. “This is honestly the craziest thing that’s ever happened to me,” Pylant told Select All over the phone from the bar where some friends and one of the dates were still camped out early Tuesday morning reliving the drama and watching the retweets and favs roll in. “Friends of mine have been tweeting about it at Ava DuVernay,” she said. “If someone stars in a movie about me it better be Rihanna.”As for the group of six, friendship forged in the fire of one of the worst date(s) of all time? “We’re making a ‘Sister Wives’ group chat and taking selfies and planning a brunch. We’re gonna watch John Tucker Must Die,” Pylant said.