Trending Topics 8/10- Waffle House Eclipse, Braless Bandits, Frozen Pizza disaster and MORE!

August 10th, 2017

It's NO REPEAT THURSDAY Columbus!!!! Get ready for Friday Jr. today with a great load of Trending Topics to get you going!!!

Also, tune in TOMORROW MORNING to hear an interview with former SNL star Bobby Moynihan as he talks about his new movie The Nut Job 2, as well as his upcoming sitcom on CBS Called Me Myself and I! It's sure to be a hoot!

The Best Places to view the Eclipse from inside a Waffle House

The Solar Eclipse is happening in a little over a week on August 21st. We talked earlier this week about proper eclipse viewing and paths of totality where you can view the eclipse the best. However, this map made by geography professor Jerry Shannon may be the ultimate guide for viewing the eclipse. Shannon made a map that he shared on Twitter this past week that charts both the prime viewing places along the path of totality of eclipse from the comfort of a waffle house location. While the path of totality is no where near Ohio, the map (click the link above) does list all Waffle House locations if you are just hungry and are more interested in hash browns than rare astronomical occurrences.

Police: Bud’s Broiler robber ditches bra, takes cash

Cops are still on the lookout in New Orleans for a woman who robbed a hip burger joint in New Orleans this past week. According to police, at about 2:00 in the morning on August first, a woman who was wearing a black mask entered and robbed the Bud's Broiler restaurant in the 500 block of City Park Avenue. Police say the robber used a black toy handgun with an orange tip, removable magazine, and a mounted tactical light to force an employee into the business' storage refrigerator.  Then, according to police, the robber used a set of keys to open a locker containing a bank deposit bag and then grabbed additional money bags from another room in the restaurant's office. The robber left the scene by going down North Anthony Street while discarding the keys, toy gun, bra, and blue baseball cap. They're still on the lookout for the perpetrator, so if you have any information click the link above and let police know.

Family discovers 6-foot boa constrictor has been living in attic for years

In the beautiful, sunny town of Englewood Florida, a family kept on hearing weird noises coming from their attic for the past few years. After taking that time to finally muster up the courage to go up there and check, they were greeted by probably the secondworst thing to some sort of paranormal entity: a 6-foot long boa constrictor hiding in the insulation in the crawl space up there. "Probably over the last couple of years, my wife said she heard sounds in the attic. My son said he heard sounds in the attic, " homeowner Bob van der Herchen said. "I didn't think much of it. I thought maybe it was rats." When a snake trapper finally removed the snake, he said it was more than six feet long and may have been there for four years.

BBC accidentally airs a very NSFW scene in the background of the nightly news

An employee at the BBC is in extremely STEAMY water after a sex scene of a movie they were watching on a work computer was aired out to the entire world in background of their nightly news program this past week. As Anchorwoman Sophie Raworth went on talking about cricket, the scene behind continued, with a woman taking off her top and exposing her breasts. While we don't know what film the scene is from, it is safe to say it probably wasn't porn. “This has gone down like a lead balloon at the BBC. It is totally unprofessional," a TV source told The Sun“It beggars belief a sex scene should be played live on air. The employee is on borrowed time when bosses catch up with him. You can’t get away with this sort of stuff anymore.”

Toilet flush delays thousands of passengers at Orlando International Airport, officials say

If you remember our trending topics from earlier this week, we had a lot of stories that talked about toilets flushing at airports and on airplanes: and this story is just another one in that Saga. Earlier this wek, The Orlando International Airport had to be shut down for a few hours as hazmat crews cleaned up from raw sewage that spilled over a customs area. An investigation is ongoing into what caused the toilet issue, but it appears someone was trying to flush the contents of a suitcase, officials said. The flooding caused passengers flying into Orlando from outside the country to be bused to a customs area on the opposite side of the airport Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Traveler Mike Ortiz said getting through the ordeal took a lot of time. “As soon as we landed, they immediately told us that there were problems with the terminal and we would have to sit there on the tarmac for a while,” he said. “There were carpets ripped up and there were floor fans trying to air out what was, I guess, some flooding going on.” Officials at the airport said they were still looking into what was flushed and who flushed it, but their immediate efforts had been to get the customs area reopened.

TSA: Record-number of guns confiscated during last week of July

In other airport news this week, TSA has announced that a record number of people tried to fly on an airplane while carrying guns this past week. "TSA discovered a record 96 firearms over the last week in carry-on bags around the nation. The previous record of 89 firearms was set last month," the agency said on its blog. "Of the 96 firearms discovered, 85 were loaded and 26 had a round chambered." "TSA discovered a record 96 firearms over the last week in carry-on bags around the nation. The previous record of 89 firearms was set last month," the agency said on its blog. "Of the 96 firearms discovered, 85 were loaded and 26 had a round chambered." While this may be an alarming statistic, the most likely explanation for this is simply that there's a larger number of people travelling within the summer months than any other time in the year. 

Cops: Man kicks girl for picking up Chuck E. Cheese's tokens

A 53-year old man in Massachusetts is charged with battery after kicking a small child inside a Chuck E. Cheese's this past week. Police say 53-year-old Daniel Lafayette, of North Smithfield RI, told them the girl was trying to steal his tokens at the Attleboro entertainment center and restaurant. Police say the mother of the girl told them she was trying to help Lafayette pick up the tokens when he kicked her on Saturday. Lafayette pleaded not guilty to an assault and battery charge on Monday. He was freed on $500 cash bail.

$1,200 goat shot and killed after charging deputy in northwest Portland

In some very Portland-ish news this week, Cops are in hot water after one of them shot and killed a $1,200 breeding goat. A Portland farmer told Fox 12 that he was upset after a Washington County Sheriff's deputy shot and killed his escaped goat on Sunday, but a spokesperson from the sheriff's office said Wednesday that the goat was aggressively charging and the deputy had no choice but to shoot the animal. "Goats are escape artists," Matt Minnick told Fox 12, "and I'm the farmer. I see this as partly my fault because I didn't keep a closer eye on my perimeter." But, Minnick told the station, his goat, a $1,200 breeding male named Volt, wasn't dangerous. "There's seven year old kids that deal with these goats," he said in the segment, in a field among a herd of goats, chickens and a donkey. Cops were originally called to to the scene when reports of some loose farm animals came in to the station. While they were able to wrangle most of the other animals, they couldn't get this goat. This goat began charging the officer, which led him to shoot. Minnick told Fox 12 he will now have to find a new breeding male for his herd. He plans to make a claim to the county for damages in the death of his goat.

Frozen pizzas scattered near I-30 overpass in tractor-trailer accident

It's Not Delivery..... It's all over the Road!!!!!! For the last story of today, we take you to Interstate 30 in Little Rock, Arklansas. Here, a tractor trailer chocked to the brim with frozen DiGiorno Pizzas overturned.  Authorities say no injuries were reported, but the westbound lanes and eastbound inside and middle lanes were closed as crews worked to clean-up the area. The eastbound lanes were reopened after 45 minutes.  As of 5:40 p.m., the department said all lanes on I-30 were opened. The Arkansas Department of Transportation says there was only cosmetic damage to the overpass, and it is still okay for travel.