Trending Topics 8/11- Baseball 7" records,Time travelling Baron Trump, Red Bull and Vodka Sausage and MORE

August 11th, 2017

IT"S FRIDAY COLUMBUS!! Get ready for some AWESOME trending topics to get you through to the weekend!!!

Old 4th Street haunt catches fire

An old North 4th St haunt caught fire this morning, charring the place up badly enough to close it for at least a couple weeks. A blaze started in St. James Tavern at 1057 N 4th St before noon today. The self proclaimed “urban oasis far from the suburbs, near High Street but away from the jackasses” has been a favorite in Italian Village for about 16 years, according to their website. There isn’t much information yet but can tell you that the spirit of St. James will be temporarily relocated down the street until proper repairs can be completed.

Jack White's Third Man Records Selling New Song With Detroit Tigers Tickets

In the latest novelty item from Jack White's Third Man Records comes an exclusie 7" single that's devoted to America's Favorite Passtime. How can you get your hand on this record? This 7" which features  a new song, "Strike Out," will only be available to those who purchase a ticket to the Tigers' September 24th game against the Minnesota Twins at Comerica Park, the Detroit Metro-Times reports. Fellow Third Man artists Brendan Benson, Ben Blackwell, Dominic Davis and Olivia Jean recorded the track (keeping with the baseball theme, the group is billed as the Brush-Offs). Along with the song, the seven-inch will feature audio from an interview White recorded with Tigers legend and two-time World Series champ Kirk Gibson. The seven-inch will be pressed on Tigers' blue-and-orange vinyl while the cover art features photography from current Tigers pitcher Daniel Norris. Tickets for the September 24th game are available via the Tigers' website. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Kirk Gibson Foundation and the Detroit Tigers Foundation, an affiliate of Ilitch Charities.

Man Wanted In Sexual Assault In Line At Walmart 

From Detroit, we move about 30 miles west to the small suburb of Ypsilanti MI, where police are on the lookout for a creep who has sexually assaulted several women in line at Wal-Mart over the past few months. The latest incident happened while a woman was standing in the MoneyGram line at the Walmart store on Ellsworth Road in Ypsilanti Township. The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office says after the suspect bumped into the victim several times she moved away from him. It is believed that the suspect masturbated near the victim and ejaculated onto her dress, according to investigators. The suspect is described as a Hispanic man between the ages of 17 and 25, about 5’3” tall  with a thin build and a medium to light dark complexion. The suspect’s hair was buzzed on the sides, approximately 1-2 inches above the ear with long black hair pulled back. He was wearing a brown shirt and khaki shorts with a velour throw or blanket covering his waist area.

Walmart draws fire over back-to-school banner placed over gun display

From one Walmart to another, we bring you the story of a very ill placed sign someone moved to the top of a gun cabinet at a location in Evansville, IN. A woman shopping there early in the morning stopped by the sporting section of America's largest firearms dealer and saw a sign that said "Own the School Year Like a Hero" placed directly over a case of guns on display. The shopper asked the store on twitter "What are you suggesting with this?", as all of the internet was having the same reaction. Since then, management at that location have removed that sign, but are unsure on how it got placed there. The sign is actually a part of a back-to-school campaign that does not actually include firearms. 

Dallas mom demands that solar eclipse 2017 be moved to the school holidays

Here's another Back To School Story! In true concerned mom fashion, a mother in Dallas, TX was invited to an eclipse viewing event for Monday, August 21. However, for many people (including Intern Matt) this is the first day of school for many people, including her child's school district. This led to some quick, concerned thinking for the wellbeing of her child that overshadowed the laws of nature just slightly. The event in question was the Solar Eclipse Party hosted by the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, scheduled for 21 August when the sun will completely disappear behind the moon. "Can it be done on the weekend?" the frustrated mother asked, apparently oblivious to the unchangeable path of celestial objects. As one user put it: "Did this lady just ask to reschedule the sun?"

Ex-'teacher of the year' gets 10 years in prison for hosting teen sex parties

Here's another, much darker sschool story from Texas, a former High school English teacher and church leader is behind bars after authorities caught wind of allegations that he organized a series of teen sex parties at his house. According to the San Antonio Express-News, Jared Anderson, 29, was still a new teacher at Judson High School near San Antonio when he was arrested last year after authorities caught wind of allegations that he was hosting sex parties for teen boys at his home. Anderson also was a local church leader, and, according to a San Antonio police spokesman, the incidents were first reported to church officials, who then called Child Protective Services. KSAT reported in Marh 2016, when Anderson was first arrested, that seven teens were interviewed, and all of them “gave statements about the illegal and lewd activities.” On Tuesday, Anderson appeared in court and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. He pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual performance by a child and two counts of indecency with a child by exposure. According to the Express-News, the former teacher could have been sentenced to 20 years in prison, but his lawyer negotiated a plea deal. Anderson’s attorney also reportedly asked the judge to consider probation, but that request was denied. According to KSAT, San Antonio Police Department spokesman Jesse Salame said in March 2016 that the teacher “hosted several sex parties.” Police said Anderson called one of the parties, which occurred on Feb. 12, 2016, “Bro’s Night.” Salame also said the events “involved anywhere from seven to 12 boys, ranging in ages from 15 to 17, maybe one or two 18-year-olds." Anderson reportedly taught English at the high school for roughly a year. When his crimes came to light, school officials were forced to recall yearbooks to remove the page naming Anderson as “teacher of the year.” KSAT reported that neighbors were taken aback by the allegations. One man who lives near Anderson said, “He’s always out playing with his wife and kids and the other neighbors’ kids."

Internet Freaks Over 19th-Century Books Featuring Boy Named ‘Baron Trump’

On reddit this week, several users have uncovered a series of kids books from the 1800s written by Ingersoll Lockwood starred a boy named Baron Trump, and also featured a side character who helps Baron called 'Don'. In Baron Trump’s Marvellous Underground Journey, Baron is a wealthy young man living in a place called Castle Trump, but his real adventures begin when Don, the “Master of all Masters,” inspires him to travel to Russia, where he finds a portal that allows him to travel to other lands. The man in the book is actually named Don Constantino Bartolomeo Strepholofidgeguaneriusfum, so yes, “Don” is a title, but still... Lockwood also wrote a pamphlet in 1896 called The Last President, which does not feature the Baron Trump character but has some interesting parallels to modern times. It begins in New York City, which is up in arms over the election of an outsider candidate. The news causes those “in the upper portions” of the city to sit “as if paralyzed with a nameless dread.” “Mobs of vast size are organizing under the lead of anarchists and socialists, and threaten to plunder and despoil the houses of the rich who have wronged and oppressed them for so many years,” an early passage of the book reads. The coincidences in the books are getting interest from internet conspiracy theorists, some of whom believe the portal to other worlds in the Baron Trump book supports a theory that the Trump family has had access to time travel for many years ― through the president’s uncle, engineer John Trump. John Trump reportedly had access to the papers of Nikola Tesla, who, according to the theory, was researching time travel ― and whose knowledge somehow enabled Trump to win the 2016 presidential election.  

Red Bull and vodka sausage is gaining steam in Ireland

Only a week after we reported on a butcher shop in Belfast that was selling gin and tonic sausage, another butcher around Ireland is now marketing Red Bull and  Smirnoff Vodka flavored sausages. Keelan Maguire of Maguire Meats in Irvinestown, Ireland, told Belfast Live that this combination was the “craziest” one they could come up with, and so they went with it. It seems to be working out pretty well – in the same interview, Maguire said, “they seem to be very popular.” Intern Matt here is a Vegetarian, but if like this was made with soy or tempeh or some non meaty protein instead he'd be REAL down to try it >:~)

Police Arrest Suspect Who Allegedly Taunted Them On Social Media

Authorities have jailed a Pennsylvania drug suspect who they say taunted them on social media, saying the cops wouldn’t be able to find and jail them. Bensalem police say the 20-year-old was arrested on charges of selling acid, marijuana and ecstasy. Police say the suspect called themselves “Hash” and used a woman’s alias on Facebook, where the taunts were posted. The suspect remained in the Bucks County jail Wednesday on charges including possession with intent to deliver drugs.

Toilet overflows on Greyhound bus during six-hour drive

I'm really not sure why suddenly there's all of these toilets overflowing on different transportation this week, but this one does honestly seem like a hell-on-earth scenario here. During a Greyhound trip from  Denver to Texas, an odor began to radiate from the bus' bathroom only 15 minutes into the drive. It turned out the toilet had overflowed, and began spilling human waste all over the back part of the bus. The bus driver did not stop or really address the stench throughout the entire drive, leaving many passengers rightfully very mad. "A stench filled the entire bus and everyone started gagging and covering their face," passenger Lisa Burns told KVII-TV. "I actually walked down to the back of the bus to use the restroom and I looked down and there were brown footprints everywhere." "I was sitting in the rear of the bus right where the stuff was," passenger David Moore said. "I got feces on my shoes and all my personal belongings because it was literally right in the aisle way." Greyhound refused to comment on the incident.

Resident comes home to find that a mystery intruder had cleaned apartment

From a very hell-on-earth scenario we bring you an almost heaven on earth scenario in Arlington, VA. A resident there came home to find that someone broke into his apartment. Did they steal anything?? No, they actually just cleaned up their  messy pad and called it a day.Police are not sure at this time and have no description of a suspect or suspects. Ashley Savage, a police spokeswoman, said, “someone unlawfully entered the apartment.” It's not clear if they're going to try and find the culprit and charge them, or just hire them on to keep the place tidy. 

Rocky the pet parrot busts burglar by pecking a hole in his hand that gave police vital DNA clue

To close out our Trending Topics today, we bring you a Trio of remarkable animal stories. In Kent England this past week, a parrot had a vital hand in catching the suspect of a burglary in the city. Lithuanian Vitalij Kiseliov was not taken down by a furious Pit Bull nor mauled by a savage Alsatian - but nipped on the hand by an African parrot named Rocky. The 37-year-old met his match when burgling a couple's home in Gillingham, Kent in the dead of night this June. He snatched a laptop and a phone before spotting Rocky in his cage and tried to swipe him to sell on for up to £500. The African Grey fought back and bit him on the hand before the enraged crook threw him out the window.  But Rocky's damage was done and the burglar's blood poured all over the room leaving DNA samples for police to place known criminal Kiseiov at the scene. Officers confirmed that Kiseliov's blood was found at the scene. He had committed six other burglaries in the area after being jailed for nearly a year for burglary in 2016. Rocky was soon reunited with his owners after their granddaughter put out an appeal on Facebook for anyone to look out for the parrot.

Bear swipes car for joyride, then poops inside

Does a bear poop in the woods?????? According to this story, they actually do their business inside people's subaru outbacks. A bear broke into an SUV and took it for a joyride in Colorado — before crashing it, trashing the interior and pooping inside, according to new reports. “It would have taken a human being hours to do what this bear did in a couple minutes,” said Ron Cornelius, who found the car after the animal mowed down his mailbox, told the Durango Herald. The bear hijacked the Subaru from Cornelius’ neighbor early Friday — likely releasing the parking brake and causing the vehicle to roll down the driveway and crash into a utility box and the mailbox, the paper reports. The couple didn’t see the bear, but they did find the steering wheel and radio ripped out, the back window broken — and tell-tale bear poop left behind, they told the paper.

Man in Woods mistaken for Bigfoot

So we answered the bear poopng in the woods question, but what about bigfoot?? A group of bigfoot searchers thought they found Sasquatch this past week, but instead they found another avid bigfoot enthusiast in a full fur coated suit completing a shamanistic ritual in the woods. A plumber from Minneapolis — who claims he has seen Bigfoot — was wearing a homemade suit of raccoon pelts in the woods of North Carolina when a group of Bigfoot hunters mistook him for the legendary beast. “This particular night, I heard some sounds and I saw some lights,” MacGregor told The Post. “We were both startled and rather than to say anything, I just turned around and swiftly went back to my tent and went to sleep. They didn’t communicate anything with me and then I saw on the news that they reported seeing a Sasquatch, so I called the cops and gave them the deal.” “I think we can say with some confidence that proof of Bigfoot still eludes us,” the post read. “If you see Bigfoot, please do not shoot at him/her, as you’ll most likely be wounding a fun-loving and well-intentioned person, sweating in a gorilla costume.” MacGregor, who claims he’s had Sasquatch encounters in three states, said he has been wearing the suit more than five years and has seen people in wooded areas before, some of whom have asked for pictures. Never before have those encounters led to any type of confrontation or warnings — sarcastic or otherwise — from law enforcement agencies, he said. MacGregor said he’s had encounters with Sasquatch, whom he characterized as an “angel of the forest” rather than a flesh-and-blood animal, in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. “I’ve never communicated with him, I’ve only looked him in the eye,” he said. “I don’t think that Sasquatch is an animal. You have all these sightings and no one has been able to find a body. So, you either have these encounters that aren’t real or there’s a supernatural explanation.”  “The creature that I saw was 8′ tall with stringy matted hair,” Bruner posted on Facebook. “The gentleman in the picture [doesn’t] appear [to be] tall and is in a suit that appears to have short brown fur.” The beast that the Bigfoot 911 group saw, according to Bruner, moved in a way that no human could and had no hair on its face, unlike MacGregor’s homemade suit.