How You Can Help the Victims of Hurricane Harvey

August 28th, 2017

We've all seen the devastating effects Hurricane Harvey left on Houston, Corpus Christi, and several areas on the eastern parts of the state this weekend. While there's still a lot of rain still to come on this area, there's thousands of people that are in dire need of supplies, aid, shelter, and more right now. Thanks to twitter user and writer @Celeste_pewter and the Huffington Post we have a REALLY great list of places that you can offer financial support to help the victims of this storm that goes beyond the Red Cross. 

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(Here's the original article from the Huffington Post as well)

1. The Texas Diapers Bank  One thing that I didn't realize wasn't offered as aid by relief agencies are diapers. The Texas Diapers Bank hopes to fill the gap left by these agencies to offer kits to families affected and displaced by the hurricane, and is in dire need of more donations to help deliver to those in need!

2. The SPCA of Texas People aren't the only ones affected by the devastating storm. Countless animals are displaced from their homes during the evacuation process, and the SPCA in Texas is there to help rescue them and keep them safe.

2.1 The Humane Society of North Texas - More localized toward the northern parts of the state, they are working on rescuing and taking care of displaced animals during this crisis.

2.2 Austin Pets Alive! - The Humane Society helping animals evacuate in the Austin Area.

2.3 Dallas Animal Services - The City of Dallas' Animal Services Department is also helping in the rescue efforts! Click to donate there

2.4 San Antonio Humane Society - In addiiton to monetary donations, the San Antonio Humane Society is accepting donations of items off this list. If you can please Donate!

3. Save the Children - Hurricane Harvey has made landfall and is affecting children and families in the U.S. Save the Children's emergency responders are on the ground ready to help kids and families whose lives will be impacted by the hurricane.


4. Various Food Banks - This is a no brainer, thousands of people being displaced from their homes are in need of provisions and food. Here's where you can donate Money to food banks around the state. The Elgin Courier did a nice job of making a list of lost of local banks affected in the path of the Hurricane.

4.4 Feeding Texas - This is a statewide organization aiming to end hunger in the state of Texas. They're working with local food banks to help provide food to those in need in Texas.

5. AirBnB Emergency Acommodations - If you happen to have any friends and family in North Texas who are safe right now, tell them to sign up here to open up their homes to those displaced by the hurricanes for Free. 

6. The American Red Cross - The Red Cross is publicly one of the largest groups helping with the relief efforts against Hurricane Harvey. Here's their donation link - make sure when you donate to use the dropdown box where it says "I Want to Support" to Support Hurricane Harvey relief. 

6.1 Salvation Army - Another one of the big players in the relief efforts taking place. Donate to them as well.

6.2 Samaritan's Purse - More direct / general relief efforts from a slightly smaller organization!

6.3 Southern Baptist Disaster Relief / North American Mission Board - An organization that's been around for over 50 years, also one of the bigger relief players out there

6.4 Heart to Heart International - One of the bigger players in relief efforts. When donating, click "Designated Donations", choose your donation amount, and pick "Hurricane Harvey" as where you want your money to go towards.

7. GoFundMe - After the Hurricane made landfall, GoFundMe made a really nice aggregate page to showcase all the GoFundMe's related to Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief. Feel free to persue and donate to as many causes as you can here since these generally go directly to those in need!

7.5 GlobalGiving's Hurricane Harvey Fund - This crowdfunding site, like GoFundMe, set up a general donation fund to help support the relief efforts going on in Texas right now. Their goal is $2 million, and they're still currently pretty far below $500,000 so they can use your help!

8. Driscoll Children's Hospital - This is the Big Children's Hospital in Corpus Christi, TX. In preparation for the hurricane, they evacuated babies that were being treated in their NICU unit to Cook Children's Hosiptal in Fort Worth, TX.  Now being inundated with even more of those injured, they need your help and financial support in this time of need.

9. Coalition for the Homeless Houston - This Houston-based organization helps coordinate shelters and relief for the city's homeless population, and are being inundated with countless people being displaced by the storm.

10. Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies - This group's mission is to help rescue and get those with disabilities and special needs to safety during disasters. They are dispatching countless crews to help those in need in Texas, but need financial support to help them get the resources they need to get people to safety.

11. Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce - The Chamber of Commerce for these two Texas cities is offering support and relief to the members of their communities. They have a GoFundMe set up to collect donations for their efforts.