Trending Topics 8/29- 6,000 yr Old Wine, Hay Cutting Felons, Salad Frogs, Dogs and MORE!

August 29th, 2017

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Patients treated for putting sunscreen in eyes during solar eclipse, report says

Last week, when the eclipse was happening, MULTIPLE people had the idea that putting sunscreen in your eyes would shield your vision from the solar eclipse. Nurse practitioner Trish Patterson tells KRCR she hasn’t seen any cases of damage by looking directly at the sun, but she and her colleagues have seen a few patients who experienced pain after putting sunblock in their eyes. “One of my colleagues at moonlight here stated yesterday that they had patients presenting at their clinic that put sunscreen on their eyeball, and presented that they were having pain and they were referred to an ophthalmologist,” she said. According to the National Capital Poison Center, sunscreen getting in your eyes can cause pain and irritation. They recommend rinsing with running water as the best first aid.

New Zealand beekeeper blames Nigerian scammers over 2kg cocaine haul

When this Australian Beekeper was at an airport, some man approached him, handed him a suitcase, and adked if hed transport it "as a favor". The man, who I guess never listened to any of those airport warnings about accepting bags from strangers or not leaving bags unattended, accepted it not realizing there was over 2kg of Cocaine inside. Roy Stuart Arbon, a New Zealand citizen, was arrested at Perth International Airport in February 2016.The drugs were concealed in a suitcase he brought from Brazil. He told authorities he had been given the bag by a Nigerian man in Brazil named "Anthony Lambert". The court heard he told authorities he was taking the suitcase to India "as a favour", and he had checked it and believed it only contained clothes. But Mr Arbon said he had not been able to go to India because he did not have a certificate for yellow fever vaccination. The court heard two-and-a-half kilograms of powder was found in the bag, two kilograms of which was cocaine, estimated to be worth between $700,000 and $1.4 million. Border Force officer Christopher Brown told the court Mr Arbon had claimed he was trying to organise a loan of $US120,000 with a Nigerian man named "Doctor William Johnson" who had approached him via the internet. Mr Arbon said he had intended to sign some loan documents in India, but told a Border Force officer he was to meet Dr Johnson in Sydney for this. The Border Force officer said Mr Arbon told him of a previous occasion when he brought two suitcases from India to Perth, to be collected by two men of Indian descent. Arbon's lawyers claim he just fell victim to a Nigerian scam. Prosecutor Edward Fitzpatrick cautioned the jury against having sympathy or prejudice for Mr Arbon, despite the fact he "seems a rather grandfatherly man".

Stolen school bus prompts chase through two counties; driver tossed gun out of window

In Alabama this past week, there was a High speed chase involving a school bus that seems like a very long mission out of a GTA Game or something. Brandon Peckinpaugh, 24, of Kentucky started off his night with a string of thefts from cars, where he broke inside and stole a weapon from 2 Different vehicles alongside some friends. However, at some point they ditched him, and he desperately needed a ride. Doing the most natural thing, he found a school bus parked outside a bus driver's house, and stole that as his getaway vehicle. Jefferson County sheriff's Chief Deputy Randy Christian said they came in contact with the bus at 7:40 a.m. after they were notified by the Blount County Sheriff's Office that a school bus had been stolen from their jurisdiction by a white male suspect.  No children were on board the bus at the time. At about 8:01 a.m. deputies came into contact with the stolen bus on I-59 southbound at exit 110 and attempted to stop the bus, Christian said. The driver refused to stop and a pursuit ensued. The driver led law enforcement through the McCalla and the Oxmoor Road areas before heading onto I-459 northbound. The driver hit a State Trooper vehicle and attempted to hit several other law enforcement vehicles involved in the pursuit. The school bus was ultimately stopped on Interstate 459 at Acton Road. Christian said the driver threw a handgun out of the school bus window. He was taken into custody without incident. Peckinpaugh was booked into the Jefferson County Jail shortly before 11 a.m. Monday. He is charged with attempting to elude law enforcement, reckless endangerment and resisting arrest. His bond is set at $15,000. In Blount County, authorities Monday afternoon charged him with five felonies: first-degree theft of property, two counts of unlawful breaking and entering of a vehicle, and two counts of theft of second-degree theft of property.

20-mile backup is worst-case scenario for Mackinac Bridge's Labor Day closing

If anyone has any reason to go to the State Up North for Labor Day Weekend, just don't go this far north to the upper Peninsula because the Mackinac Bridge will be closed for 6 hours on Labor Day for their annual "Labor Day Bridge Walk". While most years they've allowed a small stream of traffic through one lane on the bridge (whcih still created obnoxiously long backups), they're permanently closing the bridge this year during the walk and only opening it to emergency vehicles and shuttles for the up to 60,000 walkers who will be on the bridge. MDOT and bridge officials say if travelers don't heed their warning for the upcoming holiday weekend, they could find themselves in a massive traffic jam for hours alongside other annoyed motorists - and some strategically-placed porta-potties. The worst-case scenario is a 20-mile backup on U.S. 2 next Monday morning, northwest of the Mackinac Bridge. If motorists don't change their bridge-crossing plans, transportation officials estimate a total of 10,000 vehicles could be backed up on either side, waiting nearly six hours for the bridge to reopen at noon. They're hoping with all this press about it that people will get the memo and not have to wait 6 hours for the bridge to re-open. But people being people probably will ignore warnings and be enjoying their labor day from the comfort of their vehicles! Wowee!!

Researchers have found 6,000-year-old Italian wine in a Sicilian cave

You thought you knew someone who had a crazy old crazy expensive vintage wine? Well, buddy, you just got owned by these reserachers who discovered wine that's 6,000 YEARS OLD! A crew from University of South Florida carried out some tests on some urns recovered by archaeologists on an exploration of a cave in Sicily discovered that there was traces of wine that dates back 6,000 years, meaning that Italians have been making wine for longer than previously believed. This is tied for some of the oldest known records of wine-making in the world, with similar traces of wine being found in Armenia that date back 6,000 years as well. The previous oldest Italian wine residue was found in a Nuragic winepress near the Sardinian capital Cagliari in the early 1990s, according to Business Insider Italia. It was 3,000 years old. The researchers who discovered the container in Sicily were unable to establish whether the residue found was of red or white wine. There is also no precedent to know what an auctioneer like Sotheby's might charge for a 6,000-year-old jar of Sicilian Merlot, should one still exist. 

Attention-seeking vet nurse repeatedly poisoned her own dog

In a really disturbing story coming from Scotland, a Vetranarian nurse is being charged with Animal Cruelty after repeatedly poisoning her own dog with insulin in order to bring it to a different, after hours vetrinary clinic than where she worked. Vets at the out-of-hours practise where Bretman worked became suspicious after Florence was brought in for emergency treatment on several separate occasions, always suffering from the same unusual symptoms. Although no explanation was offered as to why she harmed her pet, Glasgow Sheriff Court was told that she was an “attention-seeker”. The damage was so severe that the two-year-old dog could have fallen into a coma or died.  On one occasion her employer gave Bretman an evening off, then correctly predicted that within a few hours the dog would suddenly become ill and be brought back to the surgery requiring emergency treatment. In what is understood to be the first prosecution and conviction of its kind of an owner harming their dog in such a way, Sheriff Joan Kerr found Bretman, of Giffnock, Glasgow, guilty of injecting her own dog with insulin resulting in her requiring immediate treatment to “avoid coma or death”. The spaniel was re-homed after the allegations against Bretman came to light and the court heard she had since returned to good health.

Lunatic believed pal was a killer robot when he unleashed pit bull

In other dog news (that's slightly more happy? I'm not sure it's just as weird tbh), a man in New York let his pit bull named Astro loose on his friend after believing he was a robot sent to kill him this past week. What caused that bewlief? Well, after a police raid of his apartment finding Ketamine, straws, empty Ziplock bags, money and a scale were found on a coffee table inside the apartment living room, the complaint said. Police also recovered from the apartment enough drugs to open up a pharmacy — 34 Xanax pills, 29 amphetamine pills, 96 Oxycodone pills, a pipe with meth residue, three plastic baggies of MDMA, six bags of crystal meth, 68 bottles of steroids, three bags of ketamine, two glass vials of ketamine, one bag of mushrooms and nearly 700 ecstasy tablets, according to court papers. Walsh is charged with assault and multiple counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal use of drug paraphernalia. He is also alleged to have kicked the victim in the face. Walsh, who suffered an injury to his left arm, is being held on $25,000 bail. His lawyer, David Cohen, denied that he lived at the apartment and said the two men knew each other.

Woman Finds Live Frog In Packaged Salad, Keeps It As Pet

One more Animal Story this morning!! I know Target has some GREAT deals, but I think they should market the "Free Live Frog Inside Your Salad" bundle pack a little bit better. Lucky the frog is aptly-named, for he was just one fork stab away from becoming a California woman's meal when she spotted him, revived him and adopted him as a pet. On August 24, Becky Garfinkel found her new pet, barely alive, in a large box of lettuce mix she had purchased from a local Target in Corona, California, USA. "As I'm pulling to go stab another bite, I see a frog sitting in my salad plate after I've eaten almost the entire salad. Completely freaked out - screamed. I threw up afterward because I was traumatized. I'm a vegetarian and I couldn't believe there was a frog in there," said Ms Garfinkel to ABC 7 News. Ms Garfinkel quickly took the little frog out and noticed that he was barely alive. Her husband then performed chest compressions to revive him and the couple decided to adopt him as a pet! The Garfinkels used an old aquarium they had from when they kept a lizard as a pet as the frog's new home. They named him Lucky, reports ABC 7 News. After complaining online to Target about the incident, a spokesperson from the chain said "Target is aware and we are working directly with the guest. Additionally, our vendor Taylor Farms has been engaged and in contact with the guest."

Father And Son Face Felony Charges For Cutting Hay

In a case of high profile agricultural theft, an Amish Father and Son are facing felony charges for Cutting down 22 acres worth of Hay off of a property they didn't own. In upstate New York, The St. Lawrence County Sheriff's Office charged 45 year old Amos Gingerich and his 16 year old son, Henry Gingerich, with third-degree criminal mischief. During July and August, the two cut an estimated 22 acres of hay off Route 812 in Heuvelton without the owner's permission. The property is owned by Kandance Dietschweiler-Hartley. The father and son were released and issued tickets to appear in Oswegatchie Town Court on September 13.

Couple arrested on the eighth hole of South Carolina Golf Course after committing Sex Act

In Tega Cay, SC this week, a couple is facing charges of public indecency after allegdly being caught in the middle of a sex act on the middle of the fairway of the Eighth Hole of a golf course there. Clover residents Dakota Len Payne, 19, and Kiernan Dunne Hennessey, 24, were arrested Sunday after police found them having sex on the eighth hole of the golf course, a report says. A resident called cops seeing the pair and thinking someone needed medical attention. However, after pulling out their binoculars, they saw the 19-year old boy with his shorts off and 24 year old Hennesey only wearing a bra. There was also another witness from the tee box of the 8th hole, thinking the couple was at first a wounded deer. Both “were instructed multiple times” to stop what they were doing and clothe themselves, according to the report. Both were arrested and charged with indecent exposure. They were transported to the Fort Mill Police Department and booked into custody.

Woman rams two vehicles into a home after a dispute with her roommate

In Alaska this week, a woman got into an Alcohol-infused argument with her roommate that got REAL heated. Troopers say at around 12:02 p.m. Saturday, Melissa Lena Odomin, 34, drove an ATV into the residence, broke the windows of a truck then drove that truck into the home. Both the truck and the ATV were totaled in the process, and the home was pretty fairly destroyed too. A.S.T. says Odomin was arrested for several charges.

NYC Boosts Cigarette Prices to $13, Bans Sales by Pharmacies

If for some reason you were considering buying smokes from NYC in the past, you definitely probably won't now. Mayor DeBlasio has raised prices to be $13/pack minimum, and bans all sales by pharmacies of Cigarettes. The anti-tobacco moves came in the form of a seven-point package of laws that Mayor Bill de Blasio signed Monday. The measures create a retail license fee for sellers of electronic cigarettes and almost double the licensing fee for tobacco retailers to $200. The city is also requiring all apartment buildings of three or more units to create explicit smoking policies, while banning smoking in all common areas. The measures represent the city’s most aggressive public health assault on tobacco use since former Mayor Michael Bloomberg instituted a series of smoking bans in workplaces -- including bars, restaurants and nightclubs -- beginning in 2003. In 12 years since the city government began restricting tobacco use through taxes, bans and advertising campaigns, smoking declined to about 14 percent in 2015 from 21.5 percent in 2002, according to surveys conducted by the city Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. That’s a drop of about 900,000 residents. The administration’s goal is to reduce smokers to about 12 percent of the population, a decrease of about 160,000, in the next three years, de Blasio said.