Trending Topics 3/6: How Do You Say You're Sorry... For Pooping In Someone's Tub

March 6th, 2018

Noel Gallagher? That's nasty man. 


Matt Sorum... drug smuggler.


During the recent blizzard UK stores ran out of pretty much everything... except. 

Father has some shoot him to delay prison and for insurance payout. 


Man calls 911 four times because someone tossed out his clam chowder. 


Man tells police shoplifting was on his bucket list. 


Pharma Bro has to forfeit his Wu Tang album.


Daycare workers give toddlers delicious melatonin gummies. 


Man walks into Family Dollar. Takes off his clothes, puts on there's. Waves hatchet around, steals jerky and Vienna Sausages.