Trending Topics 3/7: This year and last year are in the dictionary. Look it up.

March 7th, 2018

End of the line for the founder of The Fyre Festival.


Grandma says she was tricked into bringing drugs into prison for her grandson. 


Nude model fined for posing in front of 5 & Below store. "Photographer" fined as well. It's all pretty creepy.


Delivery man fined for slightly overloading vehicle with high test Polish lager. 


Another kid gets trapped in claw machine. 


Kid messes with mom's phone... locks it for 48 years. 


Man gets into bar fight holding his four year old. 


What is the sound of one hand fapping?


Humans rising against driverless cars. 


Dope shows off dope. Arrested. 


Yup. Dumpster fire  is now in the dictionary. 


Some of us are more prepared for emergencies than others. For instance when it all goes to hell I want the guy who can kill a rabid raccoon with a butter knife on my side.