Trending Topics 4/12: The Vote was 25..... to 10....

April 12th, 2018

How many mice would it take to eat 400 kilos of pot? Well that's their story and they're sticking to it. 


Some votes should be unanimous. A bill to honor homemade chocolate chip cookies for example... Another example would be a bill outlawing sex with animals..... 25-10 though. 


Smuggled meth found in Disney figurines. 


In the 1960s they sold monkeys in department stores. How do we know this? One missing for about a half century has been found mummified in heating ducts. 


Full rescue called in over in Scotland because someone thought three metal heads around a campfire was a suicide death cult. 


Nothing more dystopian than a busted rave at an empty Toys R Us. 


John Boehner puts down wine bottle, picks up bong.


Man loses huge worker's comp claim despite boss repeatedly farting on him. 


Since drug dealers and users are sometimes thrown from planes in the Philippines it's probably not a good idea to own a bar advertising drugs and naked buffalo rides. Also don't actually have drugs in your bar.