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May 10th, 2018

School bus driver faces trouble for distracted driving. More to the point she was looking up "yo mama" jokes on her phone. 


Stalker sets some kind of record I'm sure. 


Cornell student delivers thesis in bra and panties as opposed to about bra and panties. 


Truck drops dimes on Vegas. 


There's a Hershey Highway joke in here somewhere. 


74 year old man runs crackhouse in McMansion neighborhood. 


Man angry no UK bookies will take his "the earth is flat" wager. 


SUV lands in lake because dudes were betting how far they could launch it into the water. 


Man walks out of Wal Mart with 55" flat screen. Too lazy to walk the block home. Asks cop for ride. 


My new band will be called Georgia Cornhole Brawl.