Trending Topics 5/14: This Is How I'd Get Burglarized Too

May 14th, 2018

Columbus woman has Devo cranked too loud to hear two dudes sneak into her apartment and steal her flat screen. 


Brits may soon have to buy government porn passes to watch video nasties. 


Arizona man sneaking into yards to smell hanging laundry.


Woman strands utility worker in bucket just because. 


Impressive I suppose considering the handcuffs.


Hauling two million bucks worth of meth? Obey all traffic laws. 


They should have called the bong squad


Find a fossil? Don't throw it off a cliff. 


Finally something to make a Disney parade compelling. 


Girl orders horse. Has it shipped to granny's. 


Man hides legless fugitive girlfriend in plastic tote with holes punched in it. 


Ladies blow your nose before sex. 


This guy needs to get himself under control. Perhaps that's the problem actually. 


Where did he hide the bomb?


Yet another toddler gets stuck in claw machine. 


Bear smashes car window to get at delicious cupcakes.