Trending Topics 6/11: What A Tool

June 11th, 2018

Man walks into repair shop, drops $350 tool in his pants, walks out. 


I wouldn't put it past these diners to make sure their bill came to exactly $420. 


This seems designed for creepers. 


Monkey did not asked to be included in this monkey business. 


They stole what? Why?


A whole bunch of gun background check weren't done because the guy in charge didn't know how to log in to computer database. Guess which state. Go ahead. 


Officer who stole APC for joy ride claims he did so under coded orders... Also he was not high.


Stanley Cup winning players each get one day with the cup. Ovechkin made the most of his day let's just say.


Not much to go on, but some how during a road rage incident a motorist managed to poop on another motorist..... I see what I did there... "go on." 


Their attorney was Jesus speaking to them through a stuffed lion. Still better lawyer than Guilliani. 


$3,500 to let them purposely make you sick. Lots of things do that these days so might as well get paid for it.