Trending Topics 6-12. How Do You Know You Are Too Hammered? Uber Turns You Away.

June 12th, 2018

59 year old man attempts to kidnap teenaged Mennonite girl because he's in love with her. Is caught because he dropped a love/sorry for kidnapping you note in her mailbox. 


Some asshole has been leaving cinder blocks on I-8 in California. 


He would have gotten away with it were it not for the phone he dropped into a drunk driver's purse. 


Is it possible to be too drunk to drive Uber? Of course. Uber drivers aren't supposed to be drinking on the job. Is it possible to be too drunk to ride an Uber? It is now. 


Grandma solves space problem in car by cramming grandkids into dog kennels. 


Dude strikes out friend to make State Championship game. Hugs it out with his friend instead of celebrating. Getting mighty dusty in here. 


If Trump learned one thing from the Singapore summit, it's probably that he needs to bring his own toilet with him. 


We know how and why one man shit on another man during a road rage incident.