Trending Topics 6/13. Barkeep! A Shot Of Raccoon Discharge Whiskey If You Please!

June 13th, 2018

World record orgy attempt falls flacid. 


Decorated Marine leaves behind message for Virginia motorists. A middle finger from the great beyond if you will. 


You know what I wish was in my whiskey? Raccoon squeezins that's what. 


Turns out a composite sketch of God does not resemble an aging Grateful Dead roadie.


Prisoner puts doody in envelope. Gives to prosecutor.


Man in cowboy hat and tidy whities refuses offer to go home peacefully. 


Assault suspect swims in MacArthur Park. 



Woman shoplifts, waves knife around, says it's just an experiment. 


Waitress arrested first day on job for skimming credit card numbers.