Trending Topics 8/8

August 8th, 2018

There are methy reasons for setting off an M-80 under a cop car. 


If the giant spider is already on you it's too late to run away. 


Man hits up girlfriend's friend for sex. When she turns him down, he threatens to blow up her house. 


Taco. $3.25.


One million ants work together to attack hornet nest and eat their young..... Crossing Brazil off the list of places I'd like to visit. 


Man breaks into home just to eat corn dog.


How -10 dollars turns into -13,000 dollars.


Amazing... baby found alive more than a week after Laos dam collapse.  


I believe this is in fact irony.




Police seeking man who hides in bushes naked making kitty noises. 


The rich are different than you and I.