McCready/McKagan Form Supergroup

March 1st, 2013

Pearl Jam guitar player Mike McCready has been writing with ex-Guns N Roses bass player and fellow Seattle native Duff McKagan for a new supergroup. The as yet unnamed combo also includes former Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin, who was in Mad Season with McCready. That band, fronted by the late Layne Staley, will see their self titled 1995 album reissued in a deluxe package next month. McCready says some unused Mad Season material may surface in this band.

McCready says the band may employ a variety of vocalists and they've already contacted Killing Joke front man Jaz Coleman to participate. Not familiar with Killing Joke? You need to be.

The eccentric Coleman is the dude in the death metal make up.

Well before sliding out of Seattle for L.A. McKagan kicked around Seattle playing in some bands Guns N Roses fans might be surprised by, including the great pop punk combo The Fastbacks. No one is quite sure how many drummers the Fastbacks have employed. It could go into the 30's. McKagan was one.

Duff has claimed in the past to have played in over 30 Seattle bands between the ages of 15 and 19. Who knows he might be right. The Fartz were another:

When that band imploded Duff and Fartz mate Paul Solger went on to form 10 Minute Warning, a band with a sound easier associated with what would come from Seattle as the 80's progressed.

I see I've gone off into the weeds here. Seattle music history is a huge sticky spider web of people. McKagan was a huge part of that, and all before the age of 20.