Lollapalooza For Beginners

April 2nd, 2013

Lollapalooza rolled out a killer 2013 line up April 1st. Individual day tickets go on sale April 3 at 11am EST at Lollapalooza's website.

If you've never been you really need to check this one off your list. Grant Park is a stellar location nestled in the skyline of downtown Chicago. There's plenty of lodging nearby and the Windy City's train system is handy. Sure it can get a bit warm in the summer, but it was my experience that organizers do a great job keeping you cool. The year I went Chicago Fire rolled in a water truck and let loose with a nice, broadly distributed mist.

Top Five Shows I'd Want To See At Lollapalooza


1. Nine Inch Nails

The concept of Adrian Belew playing guitar in a new version of NIN is intriguing to say the least.

2. New Order

Simple.... I've never seen them. I wish Peter Hook were in the band though.

3. Frightened Rabbit

I would think their sound would translate quite nicely to a festival setting.

4. Father John Misty

His Big Room set of this past winter still resonates with me.

The Cure

Duh. It's The Cure. Can't miss that. The last time I saw them? Cripes it was 1992 at Key Arena in Seattle. At the :15 mark is my vantage point though I doubt this footage is from that show.

5. The National

I love The National.