R.I.P. Scott Miller

April 18th, 2013

Sad to learn of the passing of the brilliant power pop artist Scott Miller. No cause of death as yet for the 53 year old Miller who died Monday April 15.

I discovered Miller's music years ago when Enigma Records sent a cassette sampler of their current releases to my college radio station. I wish I could find the thing because Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper were the hosts, hilariously setting up tracks by other artists and of course their own "Stuffin Martha's Muffin." (Yup it's just as wrong as you can imagine.)

Anyway on that tape was a band called Game Theory and their track "Erica's Word." I was instantly hooked. Hook being the operative word here. Miller's gift was to craft songs that were at once incredibly catchy, smart, and just the right amount of quirky.

The band's crowning achievement had to be their sprawling double lp "Lolita Nation." I can't do it justice here. Fortunately you can find out for yourself. Though all of Game Theory's records are tragically out of print they are being made available free of charge on the Loud Family website.

Loud Family refers to Miller's post Game Theory band, who were also great. Their albums are easier to find and I suggest you explore the above website to make your list. Here's something to get you started:

Miller was reportedly working on the first Game Theory album in almost a quarter century at the time of his death.