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I started out at as an intern on a weekly show called the "New Music Garden." (Its okay if you don't remember it. Few people do. It was awhile ago.) From there, to weekends, to overnights, and now host of the Morning Show. We rock out weekday morning with tons of tunes, plus the big news, entertainment and sports headlines you need to get a jump start on the day. Its a good time. Tune in and be a part of it!

Birth Place: Columbus / Now living in Grandview
Birth Date: June 19th
Year started at 1025: 1997
Favorite 1025 Artists: Death Cab, Florence and the Machine, Jimmy Eat World, Weezer
Joe's first song played as a DJ: Sheryl Crow's "Home"
Favorite professional sport: baseball (Chicago White Sox)
Favorite vacation city: a tie between Chicago and Las Vegas
Celebrity doppelganger: Philip Seymour Hoffman
Most desired superpower: flight