It's The Stash!

November 3rd, 2016

Hey, look at me blogging...So I'm Mase, "The New Guy" and my new show is a little thing called "The Stash". I do it every weeknight from 7-9. It's pretty much anything from 1999 backwards...and if you know this station, you know it can really be pretty much anything. I'll be focusing on the 90's and 80's most, but don't be surprised to hear some things from the 70's like The Clash, The Stooges, Lou Reed and The Jam. I'll also be sticking my toe into the 60's from time to time with The Stones, The Kinks and some band I've just been turned on to called The Beatles. I don't just mean "the hits" either. I'll be playing album cuts, live tracks and groovy stuff like that. 

I look forward to us hanging out every night while you make dinner, head to a concert or just sit on the sofa in your briefs while enjoying a tasty beverage and listening to tunes. Here's a few songs you just might here on the show.