My TOP 5 Favorite CD1025 Songs

May 9th, 2013

Because some songs just sound great on the radio. These are my go to tracks. All DJs have them. I never get tired of hearing these songs or playing them for you.

TV ON THE RADIO-- WOLF LIKE ME: You can pretty much play this track next to any other song on CD1025 and it's going to sound great. And it's a personal all time favorite.

DRAMARAMA-- ANYTHING ANYTHING: I've been called out by multiple people because I ALWAYS play this song. Dude just sounds so stressed out. We've all been there. Relationships are rotten.

THE CLASH-- POLICE ON MY BACK: Gets me PUMPED. That intro, it sounds great leading out of a break or into another song.

SONIC YOUTH-- KOOL THING: I mean, Sonic Youth IS alternative radio.

IGGY POP-- THE PASSENGER: And here you thought I forgot about Bowie, but he sings on the chorus of this track. "Passenger" is best listened to while driving around the city, so the next time you hear this track on CD1025 TURN IT UP.