Top 10 songs from New Order

August 14th, 2013

So, Stereogum  regularly does these top ten songs by...lists and I love them. Thought I'd give a crack at my own. I'm starting with New order as they have a long and varied discography that I know pretty well. Please disucss! Agree? Disagree? These are my ten favorite New Order tracks in descending order.


10. Dreams Never End

-An early one with a rare vocal from Hooky! Dark tune.

9. Everything’s Gone Green

-Another early one. This is the first track I feel that they really played around with electronics on.


8. Your Silent Face

-OK, last one from Power, Corruption, and Lies. The synth strings in this one send chills down my spine.

7. Perfect Kiss

-It has to be the video version though. I love the frog noises towards the end. This might be my favorite New Order video too.

6. Fine Time

-The first New Order album I heard was Technique. I still love it. Fine Time is the opening track. You’re much toooo young…

5. Age Of Consent

-This list will end up being Power, Corruption, and Lies heavy. What can I say? I love the synth line in this one.


4. Ceremony

-Technically a Joy Division song, Ceremony was the first release under the New Order name. A gorgeous and heartbreaking tune.

3. Leave Me Alone

-If pressed, I’d have to pick a favorite New Order album, it would be 1983’s Power, Corruption, and Lies. Leave Me Alone is the closing track and was the first New Order tune I went crazy for.

2. Procession

-I believe this is the only tune that Jillian sings back up on. Sad tune. I think it’s about Ian C., but I could be wrong.

1. Temptation

-Ever since I heard this in Trainspotting, it’s been my hands down New Order favorite. I prefer the ’87 version, but every version of this song is beautiful. Oh you’ve got green eyes, oh you’ve got blue eyes, oh you’ve got grey eyes…