Top ten songs from the Pixies!

September 18th, 2013

This week we take on the Pixies! One of my all time favorite bands. These are my ten favorites. What do you love? What did I miss? Comment below.

10. Hey – Hands down the sexiest Pixies song. “we’re chained…”

9. The Holiday Song – One of the Pixies catchiest guitar riffs and one of my favorite moments on Come On Pilgrim. “This ain’t no holiday…” 


8. Planet Of Sound – I positively love it when Black Francis screams like the devil himself. A total killer from Trompe Le Monde.

7. Velouria – I’m not sure why, but the slightly mellower tunes on Bossanova are my favorite. I think this is a gorgeous love song, but with Black Francis, its difficult to tell.

6. Ed Is Dead – “Her head is in a better way”. Such a great opening lyric. The Pixies are brutal even in their mellower moments. 

5. Tame – The vitriol on Black Francis’ snarling chorus is unreal. “Hips like Cinderella.” The lyrics in this one rule.

4. Ana – One of the most gorgeous and heart breaking songs in the Pixies discography. The guitar walks and key changes are so sad, but I love it. One of the first Pixies songs I got obsessed with.

3. Alec Eiffel – The crazy synths at the end of this one always kill me. High energy and as always LOUD quiet LOUD!!!

2. Bone Machine - My favorite track on Surfer Rosa and also the opening track. The drums in this song play at the strangest rhythm. It gets me every time. “I was talking to Preachy Preach about Kissy Kiss.”

1. Debaser – Debaser is the ultimate Pixies song. LOUD quiet LOUD. Black Francis sounds positively feral in this tune.