What is the Lounge?

So you hear your favorite CD102.5 DJ’s give out random words used in random sentences throughout the day and you're wondering what it’s all about - what is the Lounge?

To make it as short and sweet as possible, the Lounge is our very own CD102.5 listener appreciation club that is 100% free to join and participate in. Here’s how it works:

Listen to CD102.5, and when you hear those random words jot them down – or do your best to commit them to memory. Then, when you get to your computer rush to cd1025.com, sign into the Lounge and enter the words in the contest section. Each word will get you 40 lounge points, and believe me, they can add up fast!

Consider your Lounge Points your official CD102.5 currency that can be used to get great CD102.5 stuff including: concert tickets, CD’s, movie passes, DVD’s, Big Room passes, and so much more!

Lounge Sections:

CD102.5 Contests & Lounge Points Section:
As mentioned above, the contest section is where you go to enter your Lounge Tips, but is also has some ways you can spend your Lounge Points. We frequently have contests to win concert tickets, CD’s, and all kinds of fun stuff.

Redemption Section:
Use your Lounge Points flat out to get stuff – you will see a long list of things available for different point amounts along with a description and a photo – simply “Click To Select” and whatever the item is will be all yours!

Auction Section:
On the third Thursday of month, this is the place to be! We hold an online auction where you can bid on items using your points. Each month we have all kinds of great stuff, and the best part is that it is completely free!

Surf The Web For Lounge Points:
This is just what its title suggests – for each link you follow you’ll get 5 Lounge Points!

CD102.5 Surveys:
Take surveys for points – sometimes they’re silly, sometimes they’re for feedback – either way, you always get points!

Invite A Friend:
You betcha – you can even earn points by inviting a friend to join the Lounge – you’ll receive 10% of your buddy’s total Lounge Points for the first month they use their account - so, if your buddy has 5,000 points in that first month, you’ll get 500 points.

Sounding Board:
This one is special – as a CD102.5 listener, we really like to know which songs you love and which ones you might be getting a little sick of. We try to send out a Sounding Board Survey each week where you are given a list of songs to rate for us. Upon completion you will be given one of those random words that you then need to take to the contest section to get your points.

Any questions? Email webmaster@cd1025.com

Click here to go to the Lounge