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What happened to the stream?


At this time, CD102.5 is not broadcasting online.

Thanks for your interest and concern regarding CD102.5 and the stream. As you know, CD102.5 is a locally-owned, independent radio station. Currently how the royalties work, we have to pay for every song that we play on our radio station. When we transmit our broadcast via an online stream, we also have to pay for every song that plays on our stream. This can become very costly to a single, standalone station. Because of various factors, if we were to stream we could not stream our same commercial breaks as what airs on the FM frequency, which causes us to have to create an entirely different commercial break each time. Companies like Clear Channel, who owns the app iHeart Radio, are able to sell this streaming commercial time over all their radio stations at one time and can successfully offset the royalty costs. For us as an independent, standalone station, it is much more difficult to do that. Until there is a way for us to cover the cost of the stream, we will not be able to stream. We will continue to explore all the options available and our hopes are to once again stream in the not so distant future.

Thanks for your continued support.