The Head And The HeartSeattle, WA

Composed largely of transplants to the Seattle area, The Head and the Heart write and play songs that speak to the newness of a fresh start, of the ghosts left behind, of moving forward, all brimming with a soulfulness and hope for a better life than the one we've all been sold.

Stylistically, think a folksy Beatles or Crosby Stills Nash & Young with more instrumental force. Catchy piano melodies stand side by side with a tight trio of harmonies, and solid minimalist drums, groovin bass, and plenty of hand percussion and foot stomps make the live show inspiring and really goddamn fun.

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The Head and The Heart - Signs of Light

September 9th, 2016

The Head & The Heart in the CD102.5 Big Room

December 11th, 2014

The Head and the Heart "Shake"

October 22nd, 2013



GCAC - August 2016 Block

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