2 Hopeful Spinsters: The Columbus Premiere

June 13th, 2013

Ohio native Heather Olt and fellow Los Angeles actor Dellany Peace are proud to announce the Columbus premiere of their soon-to-be-released comedic web series!


2 Hopeful Spinsters is an original web series created by, produced by and starring Heather Olt  and Dellany Peace and two real-life happy (GASP!), single ladies living in L.A.  Inspired by society’s “norms,” a few offhanded comments from friends and family and the constant stigma of “spinsterness” hanging over their heads, the series is a little bit “Thelma & Louise,” a little bit ADHD and 100 percent “crazy/real.”  Their PILOT episode marks the jumping off point for 2HS’s mission statement to redefine the word SPINSTER by blowing up every myth and double-standard that lies in their path.   

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