BOSSWOODSTOCK 2nd Annual Tree Planting

April 26th, 2014

THE TREES - Bosswood Tree Initiative is an initiative to plant trees in much needed areas. Our 3rd project will be at Wolfe Park, one of our city parks that has seen the Emerald Ash Borer destroy many of its large and beloved shade trees. Columbus has lost tens of thousands of Ash trees on its land due to Emerald Ash Borer damage. BTI has found an enthusiastic and willing partner and is thrilled to be connected with our great City of Columbus.

THE TREE PLANTING - Scheduled for noon 4/26/14 in Wolfe Park at the SE corner of Broad St. and Nelson Road. The park entrance is on Broad St. City Forester Joe Sulak, BTI and volunteers will be planting our modest goal of no less than 25 healthy containerized shade tree varieties in an effort to combat the devastation. It all starts with one tree.

THE CONCERTS - Bring your flowers, your beads and plant some trees. Two nights of music held at Beth-
el Rd. Pub at 1375 Bethel Rd. Band line-up includes music legend WILLIE PHOENIX and The Soul Un-
derground, Mike Perkins, Bosswood, The Pink Flamingos, Wednesday Wine, No Reverse Gear, Hot Love, They’re Coming They’re Coming, Elise Hoffman, TranZendence, Derek DuPont & The Wild, Chuck Oney and growing.

THE TRADITION - First, there was BOSSWOODSTOCK, then there was POWER PLANT, now there is BOSSWOODSTOCK 2014, and we are making plans for POWER PLANT 2014 as we speak. The Bosswood Tree Initiative was created by founding member of Columbus based rock band Bosswood, Jason Byrd, for the purpose combating deforestation due to natural and industrial causes.

THE VOLUNTEERS - Looking for more volunteers. The amount of trees depends on early volunteer com-
mitment. Please contact us if you want to volunteer.

CLICK HERE for full details


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