Columbus Covers Columbus Fest

January 19th, 2018

Welcome to the first annual Columbus Covers Columbus Fest! This two day event will take place on Jan. 19th and 20th at The Shrunken Head. Musical acts will be performing songs from other local acts as well as some Ohio favorites. See local musicians covering the likes of 21 Pilots, The Floorwalkers, Mojoflo, Nes Wordz, The Worn Flints, Bobaflex, OAR, and many more!

Carouse about with local drinks/fare, whilst you scope out the local merchandise.
Take in a variety of comedians, poets, acostic acts, bands, rappers, live podcasts, and djs.
Grab you, and yours, a full day ticket. Or save and get the weekend pass!

A portion of the festivals proceeds will go to the Greater Columbus Arts Council! Support those who support your city!

$7 for 21+
$9 for under 21
$10 for 2 day pass for 21+
$15 for 2 day pass for under 21

For the full lineup, and more info, click here!

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