Japan Nite @ Ruby Tuesdays

March 18th, 2013

We are super proud to be hosting Japan Nite's first show in Ohio! Japan-nite is an annual tour of up and coming Japanese bands. The bands are of all types and genres, and the tour is featured at the SXSW music festival. They are bringing 5 bands to our stage, making it the biggest concert in Anime Punch History! 

Josy: All girl band, groovy psychedelic sound

Jake Stone Garage: Alternative Rock Trio from Sapporo city

Chihiro Yamazaki + Route 14 band: Jazz Fusion, pop Trumpet

Pirate Canoe: All girl alt-country folk bluegrass

Four Minutes Til Midnight: Funk Jam band

Tickets are $10 advanced and at the door. Space is limited, so purchasing in advanced is advisable. Doors open at 8pm ,the first band will take stage at 9:45pm.

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GCAC - Peggy Kriha Dye - Block

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