Rock & Roll Fashion Show

July 26th, 2014

5 bands, paired with 5 designers for 2 reasons: Rocking. And sticking it to cancer. While each band plays, a fashion collection that's inspired by their genre of rock & roll walks the runway. Come see just how perfect a pair rock music and badass fashion really is!

Damn the Witch Siren -vs- RYAIN by Keyona Gore
* Teen Fiction -vs- HubbleScope by Kathryn Margaret Hubble
* Trachete -vs- RachelLynn by Rachel Kaplan
* Millur Boyette -vs- Wanzo Wills by Ashley Wills & Amee BellWanzo
* Devil's Payroll -vs- Label Yourself by Crys Darling

You can feel good about your $10 ticket purchase because 100% of all profits are donated to provide assistance directly to local OH cancer warriors. That’s right, YOUR ticket can help provide a gas card to someone who is struggling to get to frequent treatments. Make this your good deed for the week!

Show will be emceed by the feisty and fabulous Vivian Von Brokenhymen (the queen with the extreme figure).

We’ll have a kickass rock & roll merch table provided by What the Rock?!

Styling and fashion provided by the formidable Alternative Fashion Mob.

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