Tuck & Roll Closing Reception

June 21st, 2013

Tuck & Roll | New Work by Amy Leibrand: June 1 - 21 

The Closing Reception will be on Friday, June 21, from 7-10 pm. DJ Moxy will be performing 7-9 pm at NX Gallery (CS Gallery annex): 66 Parsons Avenue, Columbus

From June 1 – 21, NX Gallery, an annex to CS Gallery in Olde Towne East, hosts a solo exhibit featuring new work by photographer Amy Leibrand. The exhibit’s atmosphere reflects that of a curiosity shop, with several interactive and multi-dimensional pieces on display. Tuck & roll investigates how we escape from ourselves. The common use of “escape” suggests physically removing oneself from a physical location. “Escape” is also used to describe behaviors that enable a person to flee from negative perceptions of self. Tuck & roll speaks to the tendency of humans to indulge in behaviors, perhaps self-destructive, as a momentary escape.

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