Witches' Walk For Freedom

November 2nd, 2013

What’s the Witches Walk for Freedom? It’s a light –hearted theme for a very uncomfortable subject, sex trafficking. We dress up as witches and wizards and do a procession down High St. This year we are doing a crawl from Bar 23 and ending up at La Fagoto Grill where we will have our witches’ ball. Complete with Carroll Baker, our local magician who does the most incredible close-up magic, a photo booth, DJ and palm readers.

For our witch and wizard attendees, they have to get at least 10 people to donate $10 so they will have at least $100 to bring that evening of Nov. 2nd. Each person who donates $10 will receive a wristband to get happy hour pricing or food on November 2nd. If they donate $45 they get a wristband and entrance to our witches’ ball.

Sex Trafficking is a very serious problem here in the US and here locally. Most people either have no idea that this even goes on or has the idea that sex trafficking happens in other countries or to lower income families. The fundraiser is for Theresa Flores. Theresa is a survivor and she isn’t from another country or a lower income family. Theresa was the girl next door. Middle class family, father was a judge, could have been someone you went to school with.



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