Antonio Arellano
Promotions Director

The First Song I Remember Hearing

Growing up in a Mexican household I did not normally hear the classics that most grew up listening to ( i.e., Zeppelin, Floyd, Rolling Stones & etc.). But, my mom sure did love her Beatles and Jim Croce! Been a Croce fan since my early bird years.

First/Most Memorable Concert Most memorable concert...

The National at the formerly known as LC Outdoor Pavilion Summer of '13

The National being one of my favorite bands my emotional connection was already high. For their encore, they have already passed the 11pm curfew so they had no choice to do “Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks” stripped down. With only a few instruments mic’d up and Matt’s vocals turned down the crowd carried the weight of the song. Everyone in the pit hooked arms, swayed side to side and sang into Matt’s microphone. One of the last times I felt emotionally connected to thousands of people during a live performance.

Song that reminds you of your teen years

I don’t know how to explain my teen years of enjoying Korn. For the lack of better words, it was just weird. Obviously your teen years are an interesting time so anything that tapped into that “weird” I gravitated towards. Also, the music video is pretty awesome!

The First Song I Fell In Love With

I discovered Elliott Smith through a mix tape made by an ex-boyfriend of my sister. Again, teenage years where everything sucks and you just want someone to be sad with you. Really I think it was his ability to seem so vulnerable and fragile but also carrying this punk-rock attitude persona. RIP!

The Song That Reminds You of being in Love

One of my favorite musicians of all time. Really this song speaks for itself. Love. It.

Favorite Movie Soundtrack/Song Movie Soundtrack...

13th Floor Elevators, Velvet Underground, Aretha Franklin, The Kinks and etc… I mean come on! Nothing touches that ( in my humble opinion). : )

The First Album I Bought

My Godmother would buy me Media Play and Best Buy gift certificates for Christmas. So naturally I’d buy cassette tapes, cd’s and vhs tapes. The single “Hands” was the only song I really knew before I bought the cassette tape. I think there were a couple of factors that played into this purchase. I probably thought she was V cute and I guess I was supporting the message in the song. After all… Only kindness matters.

The Band You Would Want to Join

One of my favorite bands out right now. These boys can write some great tunes! Their Instagram is beyond hilarious and all I want do is is be a part of that hilarity.

The Song that makes me cry

All the Elliott Smith and Nick Drake songs...Do I even need to explain this one?

The Song that makes me instantly smile

I can go on for hours about this band but I won’t. Only a few sentences. This record was quite the experiment and this was one of the standout tracks for me.

The Song That Makes Me Dance

Just like… Listen to this song.

My Karaoke Song

This song also reminds me of my teen years. So good!! Lyrics are pretty easy to remember too, so that’s a plus.

Song I have on Repeat right now

Hands down one of the best rock ‘n’ roll bands out right now. They’ll make you shake, boogie and get dowwwnnn. A must listen for all my fellow rock ‘n’ rollers!

The Song I Want Played At My Funeral

Well, if you know me AT ALL this like makes total sense. Like, totally, like duh. “ Take em’ to the Matthew’s bridge!”