Ben Goldfarb

Promotions Manager

Favorite Movie Soundtrack/ Song

This might be cheating a little bit because, while the song was used in the credits of a movie. It never actually made it on to the OST due to the bands request. The song is Exit Music (For a Film) by Radiohead and it was used in the credits of Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet. Exit Music was actually written specifically for this film after Baz showed the band the last 30 minutes of the film. With or without the context of the film, I think the song is absolutely beautiful. It also apparently helped shape the rest of the sound of the OK Computer album, which (no coincidence) is my favorite Radiohead album. The song is melancholic but immeasurably powerful and I could listen to it on repeat forever...Or at least until I run out of kleenex. No i'm not crying. You're crying!....whatever!

First Album I Bought

Music has always kind been a part of my identity. I grew up listening to oldies and had my fair share of boyband pop-star fever when I was a youngin' (as if 25 is old?). But I am going to discount all of those Eiffel 65's and Now 1-9000 CD's, partly out of shame and another part because I didn't actually buy it. My parents did. The first album I can remember actually going to the store and picking out myself was the Gorillaz self titled debut. I was hooked on VH1 and MTV's music shows in the morning and before school I spent breakfast watching music video after music video on Jumpstart and whatnot. One time in particular, the video for Clint Eastwood came on and my fragile elementary schooler mind was broken. I had never seen anything like it before and especially had never heard anything like it before. Popular rap at that time was Jay-Z, Mystikal, P. Diddy and what not. But this track and this album in particular opened my eyes to a lot of what could be done in mixing mediums. Plus the cartoon gorillas stomping around a graveyard were and still are pretty sweet. It was edgy, iconic and creative all at once and I loved it.