Brian Phillips

 Production Director/Mornings

First song:

Terry Jacks "Seasons In The Sun"

First Concert:

Scorpions. Spokane Coliseum. Spokane, WA

Most Memorable Concert:

Tough one. Here's a list:

Black Flag. August 1985. Grotto Hall Spokane, WA

The Replacements. July 1987. Moore Theater Seattle.

Nirvana. Halloween 1991. Paramount Theater Seattle.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Bonnaroo 2014.

Teen years song:

Side 1. Rush 2112

Song That Reminds You Of Being In Love:

Eric Clapton "Wonderful Tonight." First dance at my wedding.

Favorite Movie song:

"I Just Wanna Have Something To Do" Ramones. It's the scene where they roll up to the theater in a convertible eating chicken.

First Album I Bought:

Kiss "Rock N Roll Over." My sister bought it for me, but it was my first.

Band I'd want to join:

Young Fresh Fellows

Song that makes me cry:

"Mama Tried" Merle Haggard

Song that makes me instantly smile:

Soft Boys "Wey Wey Hep Uh Hole."

Song That Makes Me Dance:

Anything from the first two B-52s albums.

My Karaoke song:

Great Plains "Letter To A Fanzine"

Song I have on Repeat right now:

The Preoccupations "Anxiety"

The Song I Want Played At My Funeral:

"Seasons In the Sun" Terry Jacks