DJ Nate

Weekend DJ

 First Concert I ever attended

Presidents of the United States of America/ Redd Kross- Newort Music Hall 3/97
My parents let me go to a show as a Christmas present, and my dad was dragged along. I'm pretty sure he hasn't enjoyed an album released post 1979, so he was not happy about this. Being a young kid I wasn't aware how big a deal seeing Redd Kross was (along with the Jesus Lizard a couple months later), but I do enjoy rubbing it in Randy Malloy's face a tad. First mosh pit, first crowd surf. Good times.

The first album I ever bought

I owned a few via mom's money, but the first album I purchased with my own money was Oasis's "(What's the Story) Morning Glory" Without this record I probably don't end up working at CD102.5. It was the first break from listening to my parent's records and whatever happened to be on Top 40 at the time, and is probably the reason I ended up drifting into the alternative sound. I got into Metal at a young age, but Oasis kept bringing me back along to the alternative scene as I got older. And it all started here.

Favorite Soundtrack

I love me my 90s Grunge. And no album more perfectly captures Seattle than this record. Every single song on it is great."

The first song I fell in love with

"Oasis "Some Might Say"
It's my favorite song on the first album I ever purchased, and remains my favorite Oasis song to this day.

Song that reminds you of your teen years

"Marilyn Manson: "Dope Show"
Marilyn Manson was everywhere during my teen years (yay nu-metal phase!). But I've often said if there is no Mechanical Animals (and Nine Inch Nails) I don't go on to discover the likes of Bowie, New Order, Joy Division, and all the bands that were said to influence this record. One of the most important records of my musical history lesson.

Song That Makes Me Dance

"Flogging Molly "Drunken Lullabies"
As anyone at CD102.5 will tell you, I can't dance. But it is the closest to dancing around I will get during this tune.

Song That I Would Want Played At My Funeral

"Flaming Lips: "Do You Realize??"
My family is under specific instructions to play this at my funeral. It's the greatest saying goodbye song ever written."