Jordan Kuntz
Marketing Consultant

Song that reminds you of your teen years

Blister in the Sun by the Violent Femmes. In August of 1994, My So Called Life came on the air and I was obsessed. I died my hair red and wanted to be Angela Chase. When she danced around her room singing Blister in the Sun, I had to track down the band that sang it. This was before the internet so it took weeks to find the name of the band and once I did, I had to buy their CD because that’s what you did in the ‘90s. I also have to mention the song Late at Night by Buffalo Tom, because it’s what was playing in the scene where Jordan Catalano grabs Angela’s hand in the hallway and OMG I LOVE THAT SHOW!

Song I have on Repeat right now

Beck – Dreams. I’m starting to realize that 1994 was a pretty influential year in shaping my musical tastes. That was the year that Beck’s single ‘Loser’ became a massive worldwide hit. It was so different than anything else on the radio and the albums that followed were such a cool mix of all these samples that shouldn’t go together, but they did. What I love about his new album is that it’s a return to the music he was putting out in the nineties. It’s fun and poppy. While I can appreciate his slower albums like Sea Change and Morning Phase, I love when Beck experiments with sound and puts out tracks we can dance to.

Favorite Movie Soundtrack

My favorite movie soundtrack is probably a toss up between Garden State and The Big Chill. From The Shins and Coldplay to Nick Drake and Thievery Corporation, Zac Braff created the perfect soundtrack for Garden State. My favorite track is In the Waiting Line by Zero 7. But over the course of my life, I’ve probably listened to The Big Chill soundtrack more. My mom loves Motown and she used to play a cassette tape of The Big Chill in the car when I was younger. I own the record now and I find myself listening to it all the time. Honorable mention to the soundtrack of The Bodyguard because Whitney Houston is a goddess and this movie showcases her at her best.


The Song That Reminds You of being in Love

Sweet Jane – Cowboy Junkies. Back in high school this was “our song” – me and the first boy I ever loved. I think we had seen the movie Natural Born Killers together and just decided it would be our song. I still swoon a little every time I hear it. The lyrics are really poetic. “Heavenly widened roses seem to whisper to me when you smile.” It reminds me of something local poet Amy Turn Sharp would write and I just love it.

The Song That Makes Me Dance

Valerie – Mark Ronson featuring Amy Winehouse. EVERY DAMN TIME. If this song doesn’t make you dance, there’s something deeply wrong with you. Honorable mentions go to Electric Feel – MGMT, Virtual Insanity – Jamiroquai, Stolen Dance – Milky Chance, The Way You Make Me Feel – Michael Jackson, If You Didn’t See Me – Jr Jr.


First Concert

Milli Vanilli and Young MC. I was in fifth grade and my mom dropped my brother, my cousin, and I off at Vet’s Memorial. We were literally in the LAST row in the auditorium but it was awesome just being at a real concert. People were drinking and singing and the crowd loved them. It wasn’t even six months after we saw them that Milli Vanilli was exposed for lip-synching and their Grammys were taken away. I think people that bought their albums and concert tickets actually received refunds because their fans sued the band for fraud. What a weird moment in the history of music.