Lesley James

Program Director/ Afternoon Drive

The First Song I Remember Hearing

Fleetwood Mac "Rhiannon." I spent many hours in the car with my family as we made our way to and from summer vacation in Destin, Florida. We would listen to a bunch of classics from Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan, The Commodores, Elton John, The Carpenters, Hall & Oates on cassette.

First/Most Memorable Concert

First concert R.E.M. and Luscious Jackson at Polaris Amphitheater June '95. It starting pouring rain during the opening encore of "It's the End of the World".... it was EPIC!!

Song that reminds you of your teen years

R.E.M. "Losing My Religion" I was an avid Beverly Hills 90210 fan and this was played when Brenda broke up with Dylan

The Song that makes me instantly smile

Touch & Go's "Would You...?" and Flaming Lips "Race For The Prize" Just listen to the lyrics in "Would You..." and "Race For the Prize" reminds me of Andyman and the Lips concert we saw together in '09

The Song That Makes Me Dance

Let's go with an entire album from my all-time favorite DJ/producer... Paul Van Dyk's 1999 trance classic 'Out There And Back.'

My Karaoke Song

Metallica "Enter Sandman"

Song I have on Repeat right now

The Kills "Impossible Tracks" and Warpaint "The Stall"