Host of the Stash

The First Song I Remember Hearing

"Where Oh Where Are You Tonight?" - Archie Campbell (Hee Haw)
We lived up the street from my grandparents when I was a kid, so they were a free babysitter for my parents. Every Saturday night we would watch "Hee-Haw" and my grandmother and I would sing this and then laugh like crazy people.


My First/Most Memorable Concert

The Osmonds and KISS (Not together)
My first concert was at the height of The Osmonds popularity. I don't mean Donnie & Marie, I mean Wayne, Alan, Merrill, Jay and of course Donnie. I don't know exactly how old I was, but that is when I decided I wanted to be in a band.


My second concert was MUCH more memorable. I was lucky enough to see KISS on July 3rd 1979 on the "Dynasty" tour. My friends mom dropped us off outside of the Greensboro Coliseum (something that NO parent would do know) and I got to see the band that made me want to play drums...IN KISS. I remember them being smaller than I thought they would be. They all seemed 10ft tall on the posters on my wall.

The First Album That I Ever Bought

I was lucky and my parents would buy me "7 45's at K-Mart from time to time, but the first album I ever bought with my money was KISS "Destroyer". We lived in a small town in Georgia called Perry and the closest mall was the Macon Mall that was 30 miles away. I remember the ride home seemed like it took 2 hours as I sat there looking at the cover and reading the liner notes. That album is the reason I ended up playing Pearl Drums, because on the back it said "KISS uses Gibson guitars and Pearl Drums, because they deserve the very best!"


My Favorite Movie Soundtrack

"Valley Girl"
The problem with this soundtrack is, it didn't exist. Epic Records were going to release the album but the producers of the film had problems getting the rights to the songs for release, so the album was scrapped. At the end of the film songs by The Clash, The Jam, Culture Club and more are listed, but they never appear in the movie because they finished the credits before they realized those songs couldn't be used. It was finally released in 1995 on Rhino and features The Plimsouls, Psychedelic Furs, The Flitrz and of course Modern English.


The Band I Would Want To Join

It's changed through the years, but the first one was KISS for sure. There was nothing least so I thought. I would have loved to have played drums for The Clash, Blondie or Smashing Pumpkins throughout the years as well.


Song I Have On Repeat Right Now

"Shine" by Mondo Cozmo. It's a new project by the singer for Eastern Conference Champions Josh Ostrander. Once it gets into the vamp at the end, I don't want it to stop.


Song That Makes Me Dance

"Dance Commander" by Electric Six. I think of it more as "The song that you can't not dance too".

Song I Want Played At My Funeral

This was a tough one...I like to think there will be a few songs played there, but one that has always stood out as my perfect funeral song is "Check Your Tears At The Door" by an old Atlanta band called Drivin' n' Cryin'. This one is also one that makes me tear up a little when I hear it, but in a good way.