Michael Sumpter

Promotions Manager

First Song I Remember Hearing

Jerry Lee Lewis - Great Balls of Fire
My Dad had a CD called Oldies But Goodies that I remember hearing when I was younger, this song is the song I remember the most from that CD.

First Concert


Song That Reminds Me of My Teen Years

The Future Freaks Me Out by Motion City Soundtrack. Really anything by Motion City Soundtrack honestly!

First Song I Fell In Love With

I heard Ooh La La by The Faces listening to Warm 98 (a radio station in Cincinnati) and riding around in the car with my mom when I was little and absolutely loving the melody. I couldn't figure out what the song was until I was like 18, then when I heard it I got this huge rush of nostalgia.

Song That Reminds Me of Being In Love

The Strokes - You Only Live Once

Favorite Movie Soundtrack Song

Kavinsky - Nightcall
Drive is awesome. So is this song.

First Album I Bought

Punchline - 37 Everywhere
Pretty sure this was the first one I bought with my own money and wasn't a gift or hand-me-down. Classic pop-punk album for me.

Band I'd Want to Join The Most

I already know all the songs, they should've let me replace Tom. I've watched this video a million times.

Song That Makes Me Cry

Merchandise - Become What You Are

Song That Instantly Makes Me Smile

Frank Ocean - Pilot Jones

Songs That Makes Me Dance

Digital Love - Daft Punk
I can't help but move to it a little!

My Karaoke Song

How could you not?!
Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac

Song I Have on Repeat

I play this every chance I get. It's so catchy I can't help it!

Song I Want Played At My Funeral

Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles