In this section, you'll find information about the CD 92.9 audience, the marketing and promotional abilities of Radio, and some examples of common mistakes common to all kinds of advertising. The Marketing Consultants at CD 92.9 can help you make sense of the numbers, build a marketing plan, and take advantage of our sales and marketing tools and services. On air. Online. On location.


Testimonials - Hear what other local business just like you have to say about working with CD 92.9!
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Brush Crazy
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Hoggy's Restaurant & Catering
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The Socio-Economic Profile - is a brief capsule view of the CD 92.9 audience, broken into segments based on gender, age, education, employment and income. The "Index" value represents the percentages compared to the market average: An index of 100 is average, 150 is 50% greater than average, and 50 is 50% below average.

How Much Do You Really Know About Millenial Radio Consumption - We often hear that Millennials are attached to their phones and advertising on mobile and digital is the only way to reach them effectively. But we wanted to know how Millennials really spend their time with media.

Why Advertise with Radio -  In an ever chaning world, radio still remains one of the best ways to advertise. In this power point presentation, we give you a few reasons why advertising on the radio remains ones of the best ways to reach your audience. 

24 Things Brands Have Completely Wrong About Radio  -  There are a lot of misconceptions about advertising with radio, in this article by Cumulus Media Westwood One in collaboration with Nielsen, Edison Research and The Advertising Research Foundation we find out why these miconceptions are incorrect. 

10 Reasons to Advertise with Radio - There are many reasons to advertise with radio. In this power point, we highlight 10 of the reassons to advertise with radio. 

The Radio Advertising Bureau Guide to Competitive Media is designed to help you get a better feel for the options available to you in today's media landscape, listing the advantages and disadvantages of each competitive medium and how they can be combined effectively and efficiently with Radio.

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